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    • Eichi

      Welcome, Edict Mod!   02/01/17

      We are happy to announce that the Arma 3 Edict Mod made the decision to base upon Exile Mod in the future and has been granted permission to do so. We have only had little contact so far, but we are looking forward to a successful cooperation. We will post more information as soon as we have them. You can read more on their website here. Welcome to the Exile family!
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      Exile Development Continues!   02/12/17

      Read about Exile's future here:  
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      Safety in Private Messages   02/15/17

      If you ever find yourself being asked to pay for a script, consider it a spoof. Especially if you are being asked to discuss the details on Teamspeak, think twice. Do not fall for these persons. Make sure your provider is legit and avoid fishy services like Contract Coders. Instead, report them and prevent being fooled. This community is not a marketplace. People offering their services are being tolerated, but be certain that there are black sheep amongst them.

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  1. ProModedExileServer

    (GER)20KStartMoney-ProModedExile-SMAWeapons.BWA3Uniforms IP: Server Restart Times all 4h: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 24/7 TS Channel: PW: all4games Mods required: Exile 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi" CBA_A3 BundeswehrMod 1.4.1 (Uniforms&Weapons) Specialist Military Arms (SMA) 2.7.1 (Weapons, Scopes&Flashlight/Laserpointer) MRT Accessory Functions DynaSound2 (Best Realistic Weapon Sound Mod*) Enhanced Soundscape (Same*) Arma Enhanced Movement (for more Tactics*) Advanced Towing (same*) Advanced Rappelling (same*) Advanced Sling Loading (same*) Advanced Urban Rappelling (same*) (this Mod dont load auto, you need activate by yourself in the Arma3Launcher) BloodLust (More Blood xD) Include: XM8 APPS DMS - Static Ai missions VEMF - Town Invasion style Ai missions Have Fun
  2. can you tell me witch file?
  3. how can i delete unusable stuff like Cars, Weapons, and all the other things in trader bases, but not the trader himself? then i have a fps problem if people go into the trader zone... wie kann ich die unbrauchbaren schönheits objekte aus denn trader basen löschen ohne die trader selbst zu löschen dh zb fässer unbrauchbare autos usw?