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  1. Hello Guys, I have an Problem on my Server, we add yesterday A3 Exile Occupation and all works fine, but the motorized AI make some Problems. If a Player kills all AI then the Vehicle explode. Is there any way to disable the vehicle explode?
  2. Call of Exile

    Dear Readers, With pleasure we present today our ArmA 3 Exile Altis Server: Call of Exile Altis in 2038, 20 years after the outbreak of the plague that has changed the whole country in a matter of seconds. "It will never be the same again." This quotation was taken from a video taken in 2019 in a snack near the port of Kavala and by God .. these people were right. Altis is largely destroyed, the survivors have escaped and those who have not made it are mutated and will never be the same again. However, some people seem to be immune to the disease. They have not mutated and have joined forces in groups that devastate the entire country and carry out guerrilla warfare with their military equipment. But which people are immune? A study has revealed that especially people who like to travel and exile do not want to be affected. Now we are on the lookout for adventurous, daring adventurers who are in danger and want to prove themselves on Altis. You are not afraid of the plague? Do you think you can take it against the bandits and even survive? Then come to Altis and fight! But if you think you'll be the only ones to deny this adventure, you're wrong. Many adventurers come to Altis to prove themselves there, because here on Altis is only one commandment: "Eat, or be eaten". Server Features: - Exile - Extended Base Mod - Custom Map - Custom Trader - Custom Bambi Gear - Custom Statsbar - Custom Loot - Exad - Virtual Garage - Hack - Grind - Deploy Quad - Deploy Bike - HALO Jumps - APOC Airdrops - Unit Scanner - BramA Recipes - Base Raid - Base Respawn - Advanced Tow - Avanced Vehicle System - Armored Vehicles - ReArm Vehicles - DMS Missions - Motorized Ai - PvP - Survival - Every Week a Event with big prices How to find us: - A3Launcher: [CoE] Exile Altis - IP: Required Mods: - Exile (Download) - Extended Base Mod (Download) Check for the newest Versions! Server Trailer: (Ryans Zombies no longer needed)
  3. Welche Änderungen im Extended Base Mod meinst du ? Ich habe die Mod auf den Server gepackt + Key, die Items in den Trader eingefügt und das war´s eigentlich Das Problem mit den Fahrzeugen geht momentan größtenteils wieder. Ich habe vorhin herausgefunden, dass wenn der Skript A3_Exile_Occupation vom Server ist, sich alle Türen problemlos öffnen lassen (manchmal aber sehr verzögert nach 10-15 Sekunden erst). Aber sobald der Skript wieder drauf ist geht fast nichts mehr wie im Video, also nur noch teilweise bis garnicht. Habe mir auch bei einem erneuten Versuch die Server FPS angeschaut, waren einmal kurz für 5-10 Sekunden im 20er Bereich, aber sonst immer Konstant auf 40-45 FPS gelaufen. Kann mir nicht wirklich erklären, warum die Türen nicht funktionieren wollen, da alle anderen Türen (Häuser, Trader usw..) sich problemlos und sofort öffnen lassen.
  4. Hey Guys, I have since 2 days a problem on my server. Players cant open their base doors, in my Base works after I placed new doors but after some Restarts it dont open again + some Players frezze in the enter animation (Hunter/Ifrit) I hope someone can help me and know a fix Video:
  5. infistar

    Yes you get some Money, but it´s the last and expensived Land Vehicle we have
  6. infistar

  7. infistar

    Hey Guys, I have since today a problem with my server, there are players kicked / banned because they have sold vehicles at the waste dump trader. I dont know why I have found this in the A3_Exile_Altis_BANLOG.log 02.06.2017 16:01:35: Hans Gruber(**STEAMID**) Respect increased by 100000 02.06.2017 16:01:35: Hans Gruber(**STEAMID**) Overall PopTabs increased by 999900 I will get kicked too, but not banned. All other Players will be banned. I hope someone of you can help me
  8. Yes 1+ from me too, works perfect! Thanks
  9. Okay I´ve placed a Jet in Editor, locked the Jet and saved the Mission as unbinarized. Now I have this File: I have copied this whole Lines and add it to my Exile.Altis\mission.sqf, but there is no Jet on this Coordination where I placed it ?
  10. How to add it in the mission.sqf ? Can give me an example with a Vehicle ? In my mission.sqf on Server are only the Markers and Player Spawns saved
  11. Hello Exile Community, Im searching since 2 days a fix for the Advanced Vehicle System. We have some Armed Cars on our Server (Kajman,Blackfoot,Gorgon...), we want to have the Vehicles without Steered Rockets like Titan, Scalpel, ASRAAM or DAGR. I took this Ammo/Weapons for the Vehicles on the Blacklist of the AVS Script. Now on the Server, you buy an Gorgon and first you have the allowed guns (Without the Titan Rockets). But if you ReArm, the Vehicle have all Ammo, with Ammo for the Black Listed Guns ? I hope anyone can help me, or know a better Script for this
  12. Hey, Im searching for the same fix with the same Problems. Hope anyone can Help us
  13. Thank you! works perfect
  14. Hey Guys, I have an Problem to edit the USS on my Server. I placed the USS perfect in Editor and saved the koordinations, but on my Server the Aircraft Carrier looks not good I tried to edit the Koordinations on Server but nothing changes and the Aircraft Carrier still stand like on the picture.. Someone have an Idea to get the Aircraft Carrier good ?