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  1. Yea no problem, Im still testing out anyway there is way to set it up
  2. I´ve tried it out now, the flag and the Crate is there but still on the Ground.. I´ve tried out and gives the Y Coord lot of different Altitude but the Flag/Crate dont want to get up in 1 of 10 times with luck the Crate bug through the floor and land anywhere in the TV Studio and all other times its glitching under the map or fly far far away..
  3. Yea got it right now where I´ve answered you before haha I was thinking to dump before and added it to the TriggerPosition.sqf ... -.-
  4. I´ve edit this to my zmissionloot.sqf, where and how do I set the new Coordinations now ? The Mission Crate should be have the Coord [X,Y,Z] [3987.55,11634.7,5],
  5. I´ve mapped an little Area for this Mission and want to have the Box inside this "TV Studio"
  6. Thank you for you answer! Yes I only have 1 Mission with a Crate in the ExileZ Addon, but I have more Loot Crates in the DMS Missions I think that doesnt matter ? I´ve opened the zmissionloot.sqf now, where and how do I give a relative _position to this ? zmissionloot.sqf:
  7. Okay.. I use this Settings up on the Screenshots and my Mission Zone is 400m and the Spawn Radius of the crate 2m
  8. So I need to Update my Infistar or what happened ?
  9. Hey Guys, Since 1 hour my Server going very crazy. My Server restarting every 5 Minutes without reason ? I can enter the Server and play but after maximal 5 Minutes every time comes an Restart, I´ve loaded up an backup from the file I edited before but the Server is still Restarting without an Reason... What can I do ?? Heres mine logs: I hope anyone can help me with this...
  10. No it says that the Zone is 400m of this Mission and the Spawn Radius of this Crate is defined in the fn_init.sqf
  11. Hey Guys, I´ve got an little question about the ExileZ Addon. Is there a way to set an Altitude for the Loot Crate ?? I want to set it inside a Building in the 2rd Floor, but there are only X/Y Coordinations and the Mission Radius..
  12. Looks like its working now, removed all "Cosmetic" Items and I can drive in the Trader Zone without an Error! Thank you!
  13. Hey Guys, I have an Problems since I have today add mine 2rd Trader to the Server.. If I walk normal through the new Trader its all ok and the game is running good but if me or any other Player drive a car inside the Trader Zone his screen "froze" and gets an Memory Error / Time Out... Someone have an Idea what the Problem is ?? Or did I have set to much Items in the Trader Zone / Is it possible ?? I hope someone of you can help me Heres an little Video about the Error:
  14. Got it, have some Categories added now I only have some Problems with sorting the Items in the categories now, I have numbered all Items in a categorie but that doesnt work like I hoped Is there an better way to sort them inside a categorie? @WURSTKETTE You have an Idea how to sort them Inside the categories ?
  15. Hello, I´ve installed BRAmaRecipes for ExAd few days ago and added a lot of things to craft. In the xm8 at the BramaRecipes app I can find all my edited Recipes, but there are all very unsorted and not in the right categorie.. So my question: Where can I edit this app to sort all Recipes in the right categorie or add new ones? BRAmaRecipes for ExAd (GitHub) https://github.com/ndavalos/BRAmaRecipes-for-ExAd