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  1. anyone ?
  2. I have ben searchin for the IDD but cant seem to find the one for Quads, any idea what it is?
  3. Hello, After i installed infistar the quadbike issent spawning anymore, would anyone know what i need to changes to get it working again?
  4. I did see this mod on YouTube, is it easy to add buildings as i only have a few that are not spawning loot?
  5. Hello, Most of the basic arma3 buildings have loot but the Malden buildings have non. Im looking for either a LootBuilding or a other solution that works with Malden My Exile_server_config that im currently using it includes "class CfgBuildings As you can see i have 2 cpp page already for the building loot but non of them worked.
  6. Anyone?
  7. tow

  8. Cant seem to get the Respect working, i have added vehicles and supply with respect needed but it can be ordered without respect. ["Vehicles", [ ["Quadbike", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Black", 1000, "vehicle"], ["UAZ", "Exile_Car_UAZ_Green", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Landrover", "Exile_Car_LandRover_Red", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Offroad", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Red", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Hunter", "Exile_Car_Hunter", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Ifrit", "Exile_Car_Ifrit", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Strider", "Exile_Car_Strider", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Zamak", "Exile_Car_Zamak", 14000, "vehicle",5000] ] ], Also the Strider and zamak are not showing up in the list. any ideas?
  9. It has ben a while but anyone found a solution for this?
  10. So i have installed this a few weeks ago but it appears not to see the recipes of Extended base mod. Any suggestions?
  11. Morning, You checked all your spawn settings? Making sure there not static spawned, Check the settings of area spawing like player spawns, tradezones etc.. Might be something that is rong in there, hope it help Personally i have disabled the vehicle roaming, give me to much problems with getting in vehicles. (Players froze when they entered a vehicle)
  12. He everyone! with the help of @odizzzzle i got it working. Im verry happy and it turned out that i was using a older Mission.sqm version. After Odizzzzle did some changing on my mission.sqm he got it working for me @odizzzzle thanks again for helping me out bro! i really appreciated it! @hogansheroes & @SamFox thank you guys for helping out as well! i do really appreciated the time you give me to sort this out.
  13. @odizzzzle Thnx il sent it tomorrow as i already shutdown the pc for tonight. I find it stupid that it seems so easy but yet i have so much problems with it. Thnx and il contact you tomorrow!
  14. Um so i kinda figured out the reason why im not understood, i explained it rong. I am aware of the functions of Zeus, i have played as zeus from time to time. The module from is what i want to add to the server but also to the Infistar menu ( F1 ) I have seen a video were i can clearly see the Zeus option, now i start to believe that this is added as extra function by the host of that server. 1 m 16 second, you see the Infistar menu and between 'Explode' & 'Delete' it says Zeus. This is what i would love to get sorted but before that i need to have Zeus installed on the server. I hope i explained myself a bit better. Open the editor as normal, The terminal on altis is then empty there are no objects other the then object from the map it self. When i then load my own Exile-Altis map i expect that all the object will be there but there not. Hope i explain this correctly
  15. @SamFox That really seems to be easy. I will try this again and hope that it all works out, (again?) yes i have tried this but as i did not spotted any object from the server. Example's are the traders and the object used with it. This scared me and i stopped editing to save file's. Would it be correct that there are no objects within the editor, and could this be a problem if i would save if it without the objects? Cheers for the fast reply's