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  1. zip ties

    The requirements are also in the client code. Try changing it in these files as well: ExileClient_object_handcuffs_breakFree.sqf ExileClient_object_handcuffs_free.sqf
  2. It looks like we shouldn't be returning 0. Try this
  3. That error suggests you're still using the code from your first post ?
  4. DOH! You're right. It would need to be something like this... _flag = (getPos _x) nearestObject "Exile_Construction_Flag_Static"; _radius = _flag getVariable ["ExileTerritorySize", -1]; if !(((_x distance _flag) < _radius) && ((getPlayerUID _x) in (_flag getVariable ["ExileTerritoryBuildRights",[]]))) then
  5. Try this... replace the "if" line with this: _flag = (getPos _x) nearestObject "Exile_Construction_Flag_Static"; _radius = _flag getVariable ["ExileTerritorySize", -1]; if ((_x distance _flag) > _radius) then
  6. ExileClient_util_world_isInOwnTerritory only needs the position. Try removing the ,0
  7. You have deleted a closing brace. Just before the line that says: class CfgExileArsenal put another closing brace and semicolon }; This will close your CfgCraftingRecipes block.
  8. the ammo display is indeed 1100 the grenade/ziptie display is 1400
  9. looks like the ammo might be 1100 haven't tried it yet
  10. One problem I see: In your trader categories, every item but the last one should have a comma after it. So after you added your weapon, you should have put a comma after "rhs_weap_svds_npz"
  11. The file is ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn.sqf
  12. It looks like you have already overridden the ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf file so the easiest thing might be to make further changes to it. Try changing: to this: and change the unlock positions to what you need. *untested*
  13. looks like the god mode check is the one that's causing the problem
  14. There's an option in infistar that maybe should be changed if you use a custom damage handler? useCustomHandeDamageHandler = "false"; is it set to "true"? also, maybe this one should be false? GodModeCheck = "true";
  15. Something like this? Not tested.