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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. Hey, bin ein wenig am Streamen, wer möchte kann gerne mal Vorbeischauen Link zum Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/ls_modding
  2. Sorry, new problem (i search all threads for it) 22.07.2016 13:52:00: Leo Vici (XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - #15 "lient_action_repairVehicle_completed.sqf" _this setDamage 0; player removeItem "Exile_Item_DuctTape";" No problem for BE Filter, this is my config for this line: 7 setDamage !="orEachIndex;\n};\n}\nforeach ExileClientPlayerEffects;\nplayer setDamage (1 - (ExileClientPlayerAttributes select 0) / 100);\n_hunger" !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\n_display closedisplay 2;\n};\n};\n\ncase \"onUnload\": {\npr" !="isplay closeDisplay 2; \n};\nplayer allowDamage true;\nplayer setDamage 1;\n};\ntrue" !=" ExileClient_object_player_event_onHandleDamage}]; \nplayer setDamage 1; \n}\nelse \n{\n\"Respawning...\" call ExileClient_util_log;\n_l" !="xile_Item_DuctTape\" in _equippedMagazines) then\n{\n_vehicle setDamage 0;\nplayer removeItem \"Exile_Item_DuctTape\";\n}\nelse \n{\n[\"Rep" !="ns.sqf\"\nif (isServer) then {\n_col = _this select 0;\n{\n{\n_x setDamage 1;\n} forEach (_col nearObjects _x);\n} forEach (getArray (co" !="perature min 37;\nif (_bodyTemperature < 35) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + 0.1/60*_timeElapsed); \n};\nExileClientPla" !="eadgear_GasMask\" in (assignedItems player)) then \n{\nplayer setDamage ((damage player) + _damage);\n};\n};\n}\nforEach ExileContamina" !=" player setFatigue 0;\n if(damage player > 0)then{player setDamage 0;};\n if(!isNil'ExileRadiationThreadHandle')then\n {\n " !="riable [\"RscDisplayMPInterrupt_respawnTime\", time];\nplayer setdamage 1;\n};\nif !(isNil \"BIS_RscRespawnControls_escHandler\") then " !=" player setFatigue 0;\n if(damage player > 0)then{player setDamage 0;};\n if(!isNil'ExileRadiationThreadHandle')then\n {\n " !=" if(call fnc_check_allowed_build)then\n {\n player setDamage 1;\n \n _log = format['WALL GLITCH CHECK (getIn) - @%" !="lient_action_repairVehicle_completed.sqf\"\n\n_this setDamage 0;player removeItem \"Exile_Item_DuctTape\";" then i repair a vehicle, come this error
  3. Thanks... Kann ich ja auch deutsch Reden (wenn ich mir deine Sigi anschaue ) Ich hatte diesen Code eingebaut: !=";\n};\n_tmp={missionNameSpace setVariable[(_this select 0),compileFinal(_this select 1)]};\nif(isNil 'FN_infiSTAR_F')then{FN_infiS\"" Nur der ging nicht, wollte schauen ob ich den Fehler verbockt hab Danke nochmal
  4. Hello, sorry for my bad english I have a problem with BE Filters, script.txt say's: 22.07.2016 12:07:02: Leo Vici (XXXXXXXXXXXXX) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - #24 "0; }; _tmp={missionNameSpace setVariable[(_this select 0),compileFinal(_this select 1)]}; if(isNil 'FN_infiSTAR_F')then{FN_infiS" I know is it compilefinal table Thanks