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  1. Just post it here or on Discord. Or you can email us at: howdy@exilemod.com
  2. Exile Escape

    We've opened a test server for Exile Escape. If you would like to have some fun and help us test, you can grab the client files here: DOWNLOAD Please be aware that this is a preview build of @Exile and you already have an @Exile addon folder in your Arma directory. You will not be able to join current 1.0.3 servers with the @Exile addon we provide here, so be sure to rename your current @Exile directory to something else to keep it safe. To join our test server: Rename your current @Exile folder to something else, say @ExileLive Copy the @Exile addon you just downloaded from here into your Arma 3 directory Join our test server Profit To join any other 1.0.3 server after playing Exile Escape: Rename the @Exile folder to @ExileEscape Rename your @ExileLive folder back to @Exile Join any server Profit Server Info: Host: ExileEscape.xyz Port: 2302 Please report all bugs here: http://www.exilemod.com/forum/205-exile-escape/ Wonder what Exile Escape is? Check this out:
  3. Public testing soon
  4. This project cannot be purchased. If we get a significant amount of donations towards keeping the Exile forums and XM8 app running we will release the files to the public. You can donate if you would like but it is not required.
  5. Escape was actually coded a year ago by me during a couple days of boredom. My friends liked it so much we opened up a public dev server for a short time. Unfortunately, due to IRL issues, I had to kill the project. Even with PUBG's release people still ask me for the Escape files regularly. Wolf was kind enough to offer to integrate it into the current version of Exile and help with releasing it to the public as a thank you to our community for their continued support. I hope that clarifies things.
  6. We don't use a spawn aircraft. In Escape you get drugged and wake up on the island.
  7. In Escape, it has always been that you get respect on kills and can "purchase" things based on respect. *Subject to change as we are reworking it.
  8. Welcome to the other side. There is life after Arma.
  9. PUBG modding won't be added until after they have completed the game. It is way too early to definitely say yes or no, but I can tell you we have no plans to at this time.
  10. Please post any bugs you encounter with Arma 1.76 here. RULES: When posting please include a server RPT and a client RPT (if possible). Please, please, please read the thread to see if your bug has already been posted. Duplicated bug reports will be removed. Do not shit post. The Mod Team will be handing out infractions for any and all shit posting. Check below for bugs we are already aware of. BUGS WE ARE AWARE OF: GPS UI no longer showing in game - (Check post here: FIX HERE) USE THIS TEMPLATE WHEN POSTING BUGS: Information: Operating System, version? Post your system specifications. (Hardware) Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots and videos or pastebins for your Server .RPT(http://www.pastebin.com) Bug Description: A concise description of what the problem is. Pure description, no narrative or conversational language. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Describe anything you did to try to fix it on your own. IF YOU WISH TO STAY ON OR ROLL BACK TO 1.74 SEE HERE: Right click Arma 3 in Steam. Go to properties. Beta tab. Enter the code "Arma3Legacy174". Check Code. Click close. Steam should revert back to / stay on Arma 3 1.74. ARMA 3 1.76 BUILD: Changelog: https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00073
  11. Locked. Original issues "resolved" and now you guys are just being silly.
  12. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  13. Odd, but we have know way of fixing incorrect loot positions without knowing the exact position.
  14. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.