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  1. If you're using Google translate I'll smack you.
  2. It will be updated and there may be a devblog or two. Waiting on things to get finished and tested.
  3. We'll post links to important comments or fixes in the main post.
  4. Dwarden: FYI, attention, beserver_x64.dll needs beserver_x64.cfg !!
  5. Follow the instructions above! May the Arma Gods be with us all.
  6. It's open
  7. I'm staying with Eichi and Grim on the "dev" team but we'll only be managing and advising. The new guys will be doing all the heavy lifting.
  8. I'm so excited for this!
  9. We are aware.
  10. re: goodbye arma

    Love you, Moo Moo! I hope we all have many more years to come all hanging together. We'll just be doing something other than working on Exile.
  11. Query Logs: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/query-log.html
  12. Please upload your exile.ini and your sql query logs or we cannot help you. This problem should have been solved in the last update.
  13. Change: _buildings = _player nearObjects ["Building", 300]; To: _buildings = _player nearObjects ["House", 300];
  14. We have fixed this in our next update.