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  1. If you're using Google translate I'll smack you.
  2. It will be updated and there may be a devblog or two. Waiting on things to get finished and tested.
  3. We'll post links to important comments or fixes in the main post.
  4. Dwarden: FYI, attention, beserver_x64.dll needs beserver_x64.cfg !!
  5. Follow the instructions above! May the Arma Gods be with us all.
  6. It's open
  7. I'm staying with Eichi and Grim on the "dev" team but we'll only be managing and advising. The new guys will be doing all the heavy lifting.
  8. I'm so excited for this!
  9. We are aware.
  10. re: goodbye arma

    Love you, Moo Moo! I hope we all have many more years to come all hanging together. We'll just be doing something other than working on Exile.
  11. Query Logs: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/query-log.html
  12. Please upload your exile.ini and your sql query logs or we cannot help you. This problem should have been solved in the last update.
  13. Change: _buildings = _player nearObjects ["Building", 300]; To: _buildings = _player nearObjects ["House", 300];
  14. We have fixed this in our next update.
  15. Wait, I'm confused. Ther are two Jeeps the Exile_Car_MB4WD and the Exile_Car_MB4WDOpen. The Exile_Car_MB4WDOpen randomly changes between Brown/Green and different parts are hidden when you purchase it. But the Exile_Car_MB4WD is always Orange. You can purchase a new paint job for the Exile_Car_MB4WD to change its color but it shouldn't auto change. I just tested in the editor and both vehicles are working properly for me. I tested on a server through a restart: Exile_Car_MB4WD Orange - stayed orange Exile_Car_MB4WD w/ Green Paint job - still green Exile_Car_MB4WDOpen - randomized Working perfectly for me.
  16. It's actually like that in ArmA 3 and I didn't override it. Is it annoying? I rather liked it.
  17. @Eichi is home from the hospital and doing okay.
  18. I am working on a blog with Bastian, and I hid the post and messaged Frank why.
  19. ExileLife team has permission to use our name and logo and we will be posting a dev blog about everything soon.
  20. No objects & no players. You better be hitting 70fps. Now go see what you get on a server with 50+ppl and 7000+ base objects. Rip fps.
  21. 0.9.8 Changes for Server Owners

    We've made a few changes that will interest people running servers. First, we added back the Ambient Flyovers. You can turn these on/off here: exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Events: Second, we changed the way the trader type variable is set. You will need to update all of your traders in your mission file's initPlayerLocal.sqf: Third, you can set the max deposit amount for the lockers in your mission file config.cpp >> class CfgLocker: Fourth, you can set the required respect for trading in the mission file config.cpp >> class CfgTrading >> class requiredRespect. If you want people to be able to trade with any amount of respect, even negative values, you can set each level to -9999999. Lastly, we added new cleanup handling to the database. When we added a "deleted_at" fields to the construction, container, territory, and vehicle tables. When an object is deleted from the server the time it was deleted is marked in the "deleted_at" field in the database. Deleted objects are then held in the database for X days which are configurable here: exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Database >> _permanentlyDeleteTime. If you set the "deleted_at" field to null for an object that was deleted it will spawn back in on the next restart. *Edit* We also added logging for you! You will have three new logs in your extDB >> logs folder: Exile_DeathLog, Exile_TerritoryLog, Exile_TradingLog. You can turn these on/off here in exile_server_config.pbo >> config.cpp >> class Logging:
  22. New Weapons & Pop Tab Pouch

    The following thirteen weapons have been ported from ArmA 2 for us. These models were ported for us by @Psycho <3 <3 Exile_Weapon_AK107 Exile_Weapon_AK47 Exile_Weapon_AK74_GL Exile_Weapon_AKM Exile_Weapon_AKS Exile_Weapon_AKS_Gold Exile_Weapon_DMR Exile_Weapon_LeeEnfield Exile_Weapon_PK Exile_Weapon_RPK Exile_Weapon_PKP Exile_Weapon_Colt1911 Exile_Weapon_Makarov We are also adding two new melee weapons. The sledgehammer can be used to breakdown shipping containers for Junk Metal. The larger the shipping container the more Junk Metal you will receive but it will take more swings. The Sledgehammer and the Pop Tab Pouch were done by developer @Niuva Exile_Item_Sledgehammer Exile_Item_Shovel Pop Tab Pouch Fixed Axe Animation