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  1. Can someone explain to me how to change the time it takes to grind a lock please, I don't understand the numbers there: ExAd_GRINDING_PROGRESS_INTERVALL = 5; //SCALAR - Grinding, interval time measured in seconds. ExAd_GRINDING_PROGRESS = 30; //SCALAR - Damage each finished interval will take from the code lock. ExAd_GRINDING_OBJECT_MAX = 300; //SCALAR - Code lock sustainability. ExAd_GRINDING_PROGRESSBAR_POS = "Mid"; //SCALAR/STRING - You can use values between 0.3-2 or using "LOW"|"MID"|"HIGH" /* The default values above means that a full succesful grind will take (900 / 30) * 60 = 1800 = 20 minutes */
  2. Server crashed this morning with kinda same error: Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 01042F1B graphics: No resolution: 160x120x32 Addons: A3_Structures_F_Exp_Commercial_Shop_City_05 in a3\structures_f_exp\commercial\shop_city_05\ CUP_CASigns_E in ca\signs_e\, CUP_CASigns2 in ca\signs2\ rhs_c_cars in rhsafrf\addons\rhs_c_cars\ CuratorOnly_Characters_F_Common in a3\baseconfig_f\ A3_Structures_F_Dominants_WIP in a3\structures_f\dominants\wip\ A3_Weapons_F_Pistols_P07 in a3\weapons_f\pistols\p07\ exile_client in exile_client\ etc etc etc
  3. Thanx bud!
  4. Do you know any way to force people connecting with the required mods?
  5. Okay, thank you
  6. There are 3 kinds of breaching charges, wood, metal and big mommas. Wich one is needed?
  7. Are you saying it doesn't matter? Should I delete "infistar_logs" from the db (takes like 80 mb of space)? Also the 0074 update fixed the ARMA_LOG could not be loaded issue. thank you
  8. thank you, I will try that in a minute, can you have a look at my db screenshot and tell me if it looks normal? I noticed that infistar column uses latin1_swedish_ci instead of utf8_general_ci. Could this be causing an issue?
  9. So my 64 bit DLL is in the right folder. It is still giving me the error. What could be causing this?
  10. see image attached
  11. Let say I have a african or middle eastern or asian scenario and I want to change to faces of all the ai? that possible?
  12. This happens because of Infistar's Anti-Teleport. Open infistar config and locate the anti teleport section of code and change to desired coordinates: /* Anti Teleport UAT = "false"; To disable Anti Teleport Arrays below show position & radius where Teleporting is allowed. Mainly for the Traders (because when you purchase a vehicle, it teleports you into the vehicle) You can white-list "Teleport Zones" by adding them like below: class allowTP { custom[] = { {{0,0,0},1}, {{1,1,1},1}, {{2,2,2},1} }; }; Trading zones are white-listed by default. */ UAT = "true"; class allowTP { custom[] = { {{8676.8,3061.2,4.65991},320}, {{3463.49,1435.27,2.06546},320}, {{2063.47,6292.85,7.61121},150} }; };
  13. Also Exad's halo parachute is affected: BadAction on Player: [""<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />Open Parachute</t>"",""[] spawn ExAd_fnc_pullParachute"",[],6,true,true,"""",""call ExAd_fnc_showParachute"",-1,false,""<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />Open Parachute</t>"",""""] | 0h 2min 1s [09-Feb-2017 16-26-35 - v0072]" BadAction on Player: [""<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />Halo Jump</t>"",""call ExAd_fnc_ejectPlayer"",[],6,false,true,"""",""call ExAd_fnc_showEject;"",-1,false,""<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />Halo Jump</t>"",""""] | 0h 57min 21s [09-Feb-2017 16-26-35 - v0072]"
  14. Only in allowedActions_player? And do you set BadActionCheck to false?
  15. DUH. exile doesn't have AI Mission system Period buddy so guess what, I'm more than aware that theres no heli reinforcement in Exile, LMAO. This section of the forum is where all the stuff about missions (DMS in particular) are discussed so sorry to offend you but I think this question belongs here.