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  1. Thanks Kuplion, confirmed working with rhs 0.4.2
  2. Have-you try it? Do server launch normally after that?
  3. Updated 1st post with RHSSAF 0.4.2 Backpacks, Headgear, Uniforms and Vests
  4. Edited first post with @RHSSAF 0.4.2 Vehicles class names
  5. ok i will have to test this, thanks!
  6. I've done it many times, I have a fully custom server, it's just today I don't feel like doin it, just wondering if someone did.
  7. too lazy to do that
  8. Anyone willing to share the new 0.4.2 RHS classnames? Here's what I have so far: @RHSSAF 0.4.2 Vehicles: Backpacks: Headgear: Uniforms: Vests
  9. Is this something you plan to add?
  10. Is it possible for players to add a combo lock to the buildings?
  11. Same here, how to fix this?
  12. Hey guys I cannot get the heli reinforcement to work on my static mission. Is it broken or some of you got it working?
  13. Many players complaints they get a hover in midair animation when getting off a vehicle Edit: Fixed by remapping keys and restart game