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  1. Plenty of guides out there, you just gotta use google.
  2. That part of the RPT looks fine. Like Razor said, we need a full RPT not just some random piece of it.
  3. This only shows up if you either don't have the mod (CUP in this case) or use a wrong version. If you use a3launcher (http://a3launcher.com/) you always download the latest version. If you're 100% sure it's downloaded (check mods tab) and you still see this then the server probably has a different version then you have. Or possibly your files are corrupted. Try verifying/redownloading the mod.
  4. The best place to find someone like that would be at the company website/ticket system imo Try that.
  5. Provide an RPT so we can have a look. It usually tells you the error.
  6. In case you're still having this issue provide an RPT so we can actually have a look why you get kicked.
  7. Zijn genoeg Nederlanders hier hoor We hebben zelfs een eigen discord channel! Niet dat daar veel wordt gezegd, maar toch.
  8. Hey, The defib does not do anything in default exile. It's implemented so it can be used with scripts. If you install the enigma revive script in your server it should work fine.
  9. Please provide us with an RPT. Upload it to pastebin so we can have a look. Also make sure you followed every step of the installation instruction.
  10. You might want to tell what "this" is... I assume you're referring to the same issue as discord. But here you will have to provide an RPT as well before people can actually help you. Use pastebin/hastebin for it.
  11. Most likely a database error. Check your database logs and RPT for errors.
  12. in your config.cpp you include your CfgTraders. But in both your config.cpp and CfgTraders you have a class named Exile_Trader_Armory which is causing the error. I recommend using easy traders setup as it makes things way easier
  13. Next time please use pastebin or hastebin for files this big. Anyway you have defined the class CfgInteractionMenus twice. You should merge the part for ExAd in your existing class.
  14. Well, you installed something incorrectly from ExAd. I believe the part it's referring to comes from the deploy vehicle part of ExAd. So I think you messed up there.