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  1. Found the reason why as Razor said, you are missing the following on the top of the Buildings folder, class CfgBuildings <<<< this from the top{ <<<< thisclass Tourist { table = "Tourist"; then you are also missing a }; from the bottom, {3.62305,5.90527,-1.01013}, {7.13867,1.10938,2.80017}, {2.00098,-1.29004,2.80017}, {2.92871,3.05566,2.80017} }; }; }; //<<<<< This bad boy
  2. Right nothing is working, ill give you my RPT log, http://pastebin.com/TQNjDZmm
  3. Changed everything, still nothing. This is so frustrating.
  4. I've currently just downloaded the Exile_Server_Config and replaced it with mine, and nothing is spawning? Thats all i've dont
  5. What? Im confused? It doesn't say any info? {9759.11184391849, "arifle_Katiba_F"}, // 0.04% <------- Im guessing i change the 4 to what i want? I see nothing explaining anything?
  6. Yh i know they are there do i just changed the // 0.03% to like 4.00% for example??
  7. I have no idea how to increase, i've tried asking people how to but they just ignore me
  8. Can you check it for me? None is spawning Config.cpp http://pastebin.com/svFXEmAS ChernaarusLootBuildings.cpp http://pastebin.com/4dqWUnjr
  9. NONE of them are working No loot is spawning whats so ever, i can't figure out why though
  10. Here is my Config.cpp http://pastebin.com/5PHDwya6 Here is my chernarusLootBuildings.cpp http://pastebin.com/GnefasxS
  11. For some reason i can't get any loot to spawn, and if it is it's barely any literally. Do you have any pre-made files you are willing to share for The default Cheraurus server? I Can add in CUP if you don't thats not an issue. If you don't then it doesn't matter
  12. what will happen if i turn it up to %100 will only that spawn?
  13. anyone?
  14. Finally, i've fixed it However how do i turn up loot? Barely any is spawning
  15. Hey!, So i need to ask 2 questions; I've added my own Military compounds to my Cherno map but before i add them in is there any thing i need to add? To make loot spawn? Also; How do i turn up the loot spawns? Loot is spawning however not alot is spawning, hardly any to be exact. Any Idea? Kind Regards, Wizz