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  1. I vote for closure as well. @kuplionI didn't even know your version existed until this morning, which I find kind of remarkable.
  2. It appears that the automatic safe zone detection doesn't work on Malden.
  3. This works great. Thank you. Would there be a way to hide admin? Or just specific UIDs? Out PK problem is going to be greatly helped on out PVE servers but now the players all know where the admin are hiding/
  4. Do you know how that delay manifests itself?
  5. Here are the cities on Malden:
  6. Is there a way to make players more visible to each other that doesn't require them to join a common group? I've looked at making a custom difficulty profile but I've seen 20 posts/videos on how to do it and none of them reflect my actual server file structure. Then there;s that whole "break your server" warning.
  7. Is BEC the only option for sending restart warnings for restart schedules? Every other option I've found seems to be based on server up-time.
  8. Ok, last ones (I think): I updated the pastebin link to include all of these additions.
  9. There's a problem with the way you added them I think. They are all spawning loot on my servers. Maybe replace your entire CgfBuildings sections with the one I linked to.
  10. remove the one's I've added and see if you get loot. You might have accidentally moved/added/deleted a piece of punctuation
  11. With those new buildings specifically, or in any building at all?
  12. A somewhat inelegant solution: SC_blackListedAreas = [ [[8081,10467,0], 400, "Malden"], // Airport Trader [[1565,4629,0], 400, "Malden"], // Arette Trader [[3790,7460,0], 400, "Malden"], // Central Trader [[5767,2450,0], 400, "Malden"], // Harbor Trader [[9310,3830,0], 400, "Malden"], // Island Trader [[7130,10820,0], 400, "Malden"] // Northern bottleneck <------------- ]; Although they seem to be ignoring the blacklists in general, after doing this the are dispersing a bit. I keep finding them hanging out in my trader zones, trying to shoot the places up.
  13. I just went into stealth mode and watched the show over there. What seems to be happening is that they are killing each other. It looks like 2 vics meet in the road, words are said, shots are fired, and all hell breaks loose. Then you have a road block.
  14. Here are some more that I found: