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  1. Thanks for the reply, but none of that is the issue. I took CBA and CUP away from my players because I got tired of dealing with the errors.. They are upset. I'm giving them stuff to make them stop crying, preferably with the mods I already use. I don't use A3Launcher either. We have a video on our site specifically instructing our players how to ditch it. This isn't an issue of connectivity or mods showing up. This is an issue with the mod itself. 95% of the RHSUSAF vics are fine. The others won't spawn. There are some nice options that would be great if they would actually load in.
  2. Recently I've found out that there are many RHS vehicles that won't spawn from the trader or the infiStar panel, but that can be loaded into the editor. They are visible in both. Is this just something to do with the RHS development, or is there something that I'm missing? Examples: While some of them have similar variants, some are unique and would be nice to incorporate. I'm looking for ways to stop the sobbing from my players after I pulled all of the CUB/CBA stuff and there are some nice vics that aren't being represented.
  3. Relocated to Clientside Bugs - please delete
  4. Well, damn. Scratch that. Thanks, kuplion.
  5. I've modded the Exile_Uniform_ExileCustoms_co and want to know how to point to this from within my mission file. The skin itself will most likely reside with the custom vehicle skins, but how do I get Exile to override the original file globally?
  6. Don't use the positions that you get when you export your objects in Eden. Only use the position that you get by right-clicking on the sign and selecting "Log Position". This copies the position to your clipboard and you can paste this in your text editor.
  7. It sounds like there are 2 signs in the same location. If there was an Exile sign there that you are replacing with your own, make sure you remove the original one from your initServer.sqf.
  8. You don't need to use the PBO. In your mission file's init . sqf file, add the line: [] execVM "Custom\Billboards.sqf"; Place the billboards.sqf file in that folder and edit it there. Super easy. Use whatever folder you want, just make sure that the above line references it correctly. I edit it by placing a sign in the editor, right-clicking and selecting "Log Position" and pasting that in the appropriate place in the file. Then double-click the sign and copy the Z rotation entry and paste that where it belongs. Done. To elaborate more... I will build an entire trader location in the editor with Exile signs in place, get the coordinates for them as I stated above, export the objects and manually delete the Exile signs from the initServer.sqf file. That way I can edit and fine tune the editor file and always know where my signs will be. Hope this helps.
  9. Sorry, I was neck deep in something. Did you get whatever map running without it?
  10. I didn't make any changes. It just worked. Have you gotten your Esseker server running without Reborn? I made sure it was functioning before making the switch.
  11. Yes, up and running.
  12. Do you use infiStar? If so, check the map. I get that same error but there are plenty of vehicles spawning in. I was unsure if the events were happening, but I've started to see a couple. One of the radiation events just happened and the convoy is spawning. One thing I haven't seen are berry bushes. I've seen them on an Altis Reborn server, but not on Esseker. I also can't chop wood with the melee ax as usual
  13. I just installed it today on Esseker and it seemed to launch just fine. I'm now trying to tweak and troubleshoot.
  14. Yeah, It's not that I have any increase in the actual amount of loot, just that I can use the same CfgBuildings list on all of my servers. ---- That being the case, here is my CfgBuildings list if anyone wants it: https://pastebin.com/e1xAiuF2 And the Chernarus/Esseker file that needs to be in your exile_server_config PBO: https://pastebin.com/1YpY0a5g The Chernarus/Esseker list is an edited version of file that @kuplionshared in his Chernarus starter kit. I have added 20+ buildings from Esseker that weren't in it and commented out any that are already in the main file, which has all of the new buildings from Malden as well. As far as I can tell, this is every building in Arma, including some that just have a front step or entry.
  15. From a performance standpoint, is there any problem having every building available in the game in your "exile_server_config"? That's a lot of buildings, but it's easier to manage when customizing different maps.