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  1. I use Cup and Rhs mods and weapons desapear from all mods and vanilla and exile weapons too.
  2. It didnt help. Weapons continue to desapper.
  3. I did it. Waiting results from players.
  4. @BaroNWhat are You talking about? What is it whitelist 57? I have the same problem with weapons.
  5. @Irkutsk86
  6. Ты сам-то прочесть лог не можешь? У тебя написано, что айдишник менюшки скрипта на спаун в воздухе/на земле (xsSpawn) не прописан в инфистар ( Not Allowed Display with idd: 86000 ) и игрок виснет/кикается за недопустимое меню.
  7. hi mate, im about ports, u said  What i did? I opened ports 2302-2306, 2342-2346, 2112-2116 and seted rcon port 2702. All work now.  my question is for precise which  udp and whih tcp :) my beye are crazzy :(


  8. What i did? I opened ports 2302-2306, 2342-2346, 2112-2116 and seted rcon port 2702. All work now.
  9. the same problem
  10. @notani Так просто не сделаешь. Нужно пару переменных добавить. Пиши в личку или сам знаешь куда - помогу.
  11. its because you have the same traders in initserver.sqf and it initplayerlocal.sqf. traders must be only in initplayerlocal.sqf file. open initserver.sqf, find all traders there and delete them, save, repbo your mission and start the server. it will be ok.
  12. @dadirusso все, теперь жди помощи напиши вопрос на анлийском. тогда, возможно, еще будет шанс на чей-нибудь ответ)
  13. Excellent. Thank you.
  14. bad looking
  15. No, it happens absolutely random for me in absolutely different places, but really very often.