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  1. oh yes I always had a couple of bags of zombie guts in my backpack back in the day ;-)
  2. I would love to give you a suggestion but don't know if I'm allowed to on the forum, have a look on the A3 Launcher, some of them have PVE in the server name Cheers
  3. Yeah was kind of thinking the same thing tbh
  4. Ok tried everything that I can think of with this (even taking infistar off the server on the off chance) so the server is pretty much vanilla apart from the recipe, interaction model and the mod pulling the microwave into game, and I still can't get it to work, god only knows what they did on that last Arma3 update (that's when it broke for us) but as it stands at the moment its a no go if anyone else has any ideas of suggestions it would be appreciated cheers
  5. I've been thinking about this this morning and realised I forgot to add in the original post that I purchased a custom paint job for the quad almost straight after I bought it, I don't think that is significant, but if there is one thing I have learned about Arma 3 is that the most insignificant actions can have strange consequences and side effects, so thought I had better let you know about the custom paint job. cheers
  6. certainly no problem at all, I had to split the first report up into three parts as I don't have a premium pastebin account and there is a character limit but its all there you just have to put the three files back together in order, I also included a link to the re-log. Report 1 part 1: https://pastebin.com/fApF7M26 Report 1 Part 2: https://pastebin.com/xAJ08FZg Report 1 Part 3: https://pastebin.com/YshSFgea Report 2 Re-log: https://pastebin.com/yMw1d9hw Hope this helps Cheers
  7. Hi guys was on the 104 RC server again this evening, brought myself a quad, took it back to base, unloaded loot, then tired to put it in the virtual garage and the virtual garage window closed after literally a second without explanation, no toast, no nothing. The VG window is not staying open long enough for me to do anything with, I have a quilling already in there but cannot get it out due to the closing window issue, my base is level two and I'm not sure how many vehicles I can store, but even so the window is not staying open regardless, can't put anything in or out, strange thing is it was working fine the other day apart from the map marker issue I raised. incidentally my territory payment was due today at around 22:00 ish and I paid it at around 19:35 ish don't know if that's important or has any baring at all, just trying to give you as much info as possible about what I was doing leading up to the issue, oh I put a safe down in there as well but I wouldn't say it was very close to the quad. Anyway thought you might like to take a look, territory name is nexiss if you need to go in and check it out. I attached a pic of exactly where I'm trying to put the quad into the virtual garage cheers Edit Just wanted to add I re-logged to see if that would sort the issue but it didn't.
  8. Do you mean the little green damage indicator bars for each hit point on the vehicle? If so it part of the infistar XM8 apps pack.
  9. for me 1.68 I think it was when they messed with the simulation engine and all the doors stopped working
  10. so is it possible that it needs the: exile requires simulation=1 line in the mod I wonder thanks for you input I will have a look in the editor, but I'm pretty sure the microwave is a simple object, maybe wrong though.
  11. No I haven't done that, how do I find out if it can be interacted with in the editor? do I have to run some code or just play the scenario? That would make sense because that's when it all went belly up.
  12. Hi all I'm after some help or input, I've been banging my head on the desk for a while now and just can't work this out. Basically we have brought the microwave oven into game via a mod, set up the CfgInteractionModels as below: I have tried all manor of variations of the microwave as a model, but had it working perfectly before the last Arma 3 update using "Microwave_01_F.p3d"; our recipe is as follows: Like I said this worked perfectly before the last arma 3 update, then it just stopped, nothing in the logs at all, the same issue seems to be effecting the CDAH workshop mod as well because some players are saying that they cannot craft the fuel container because it doesn't detect the fuel truck (again a CfgInteractionModel), but again was all working fine before the last arma 3 update. I've gone as far as building a vanilla exile test server with nothing else running except for exile, infistar and the mod to get the microwave into game, nothing else is running on the said test server, no scripts, nothing, and I still cannot get the recipe to recognize the microwave as an interaction model. Did the Arma 3 update break the CfgInteractionModels system or did bohemia change something that stopped it working with certain models? I have also read about similar issue in the extended base thread: could someone shed some light on what's going on here please or suggestions for a work around because I've been trying to fix this since the last Arma 3 update and am at a total loss. this is something that's really simple to set up and I've done it a tonne of times so am stumped as to why it suddenly doesn't work. many thanks cheers
  13. @Monkeynutz I don't mean to be an ass, but you posted a picture of a kart.
  14. I didn't experience that, it spat the vehicle out in a different place to where I stored it but didn't give me the marker on the map like it said it had, but if it's looking for a safe place and can't find one then that could be a possibility I guess.
  15. Hi guys sorry I should have stated that this was on the 104 RC server and the new built in virtual garage. I get that its probably using a similar if not the same system as the traders for retrieving the vehicles, as in it looks for a safe place to spawn. I haven't added any new walls and only have the quillin, I get that the terrain maybe a bit iffy (on the railway tracks between two rock faces ) so it looked for a safer location, that's not the issue I'm reporting. What I'm reporting is no map marker for the new location, the toast said it had marked the map, but I couldn't see any map markers for my retrieved vehicle what so ever, so had to do a grid search on foot around my territory (in the jungle) until I found my quillin. clearly the new exile virtual garage works slightly differently to what we are all used to, as in it now looks for safe locations when retrieving vehicles. sorry for any misunderstandings cheers