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  1. No worries bud, have a good one
  2. Guys you may need to check CDAH_CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp in the mod I think its messing up the gut animal timer in the new exile version, I'm going to try adding: to the bottom of the CDAH_CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp to see if it solves the problem cheers EDIT....... I can confirm that this fix worked for us, the gut animal timer bar now counts down and we get meat from animals
  3. nice
  4. You can't do anything about it, Freakylein has to sort it out inside the mod, and then push an update.
  5. exileRequiresSimulation=1;
  6. @Sweendawg ah ok that's interesting I used the editor and called it using this on the server: the same way that I call all of my mapped scenery, including trader scenery (it just cuts some of the stuff from the mission file) it did spawn the carrier but it was half sunk with the wrong orientation!!! When I added it in the init.sqf I had two over lapping carriers, though one was half sunk and facing the wrong way and one was perfect! so I removed the carrier being spawned with the A3_custom.pbo (serverside) and just used the init.sqf to call it and it's perfect. I have no reference to the carrier in my initserver.sqf what so ever. That's basically why I was asking, I just wondered if there was some advantage to having a reference to it in the initserver.sqf, but from my own experiments I don't think it needs to be in the initserver.sqf if your calling it with the init.sqf ? Don't get me wrong I'm no pro at this, but based on my experiments and observations it seems that you are calling the carrier twice maybe?
  7. Hi guys I'm just a taddy bit confused with this, why is the carrier being called in the initserver.sqf and init.sqf? there's obviously a good reason for it but would like to understand what's going on here please. Cheers
  8. lol brilliant
  9. lol yes I guessed as much, damn gremlins, thanks for confirming kuplion.
  10. Hi guys so I've been building my loot tables in anticipation for Exile 1.0.3 and been playing with it on our test server and found this: is it a side effect of the new loot drop system or is it just that I've never seen this happen before when infact it does? if anyone know that would be great many thanks
  11. what map are you running on your server?
  12. when we set up 9 months ago we vowed not to militarise it, guess what after months and months of nagging we now have RHS on the server :-( one thing they love on a PVE server is crafting, lots and lots of crafting, big bases (fine on a low pop server) vehicle workshop went down a treat, and advanced vehicle repairs. don't really know what they are wanting on PVP servers, though we need to find out as that's what our second server will be :-)
  13. we soor this as well after the Arma3 1.68 update even with real time restarts active, don't know if it's related or not (just so happens that that's when players started reporting it to us), so we turned off the crafting timer function and it all works ok now. just a thought is there not a way to get the craft timer working as a delayed action, rather than having to depend on the real time restarts script? I think so we see the same thing
  14. ah yeah damn I forgot about that, ooops my bad
  15. ok guys I'm a bit pushed for time at the moment but very quickly this is what the start of my config looks like: and my overwrites and my init I'll try and get back to you a bit later when I have a bit more time, working at the moment oh and forgot interactions: