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  1. I may be wrong but I thought this was spoken about earlier in the thread, not sure if it was fixed or not though, as we are on a PVE setup it doesn't effect us to much but I can imagine it being an issue on the PVP servers.
  2. Hey guys a few of our players have expressed worries about how random the vehicle spawning can be, and some have suggested that the vehicles spawn on a helipad within your territory when crafting a vehicles, we can already craft and place down helipads via extended base mod, so the question is, how easy would it be to get the workshop to drop the vehicles on to player placed helipads? btw we still can't move the anvil after it's placed many thanks
  3. Hi guys has anybody had reports of players NOT being able to move the anvil again since the last update of this mod? just asking because players are reporting it to us, and to be honest nothing has really changed on our server and we're kind of tracing it back to when the mod was updated. Cheers
  4. Are you using an older version of the CDAH workshop on your mission pbo? I know for a fact that stopped us gutting animals until we updated one of the modified files.
  5. Perfect many thanks
  6. Thanks for the update guys, do we need to and or what should we be replacing in our exile server mission files, as its bug fixes I'm guessing not everything needs replacing. Also did the server key update? many thanks.
  7. Hi guys sorry if this has been asked before, as we all know we have the custom code for the mission, I just thought it would be nice to have a similar thing for server side files, for example realtime restarts uses an updated server file (ExileServer_system_rcon_thread_check.sqf), so we either have to replace the original server file or put it in the mission file and call it with custom code (which could make the mission quite big with lots of custom overwrites), just thought it would be nice if we could use a custom overwrite function but keep the customised server files server side, with a custom code section of sorts in the exile server config file. is this something we can do already? if not are there any plans to do something like this in the future, or is there a reason for not doing it? Cheers guys, just throwing my thoughts around.
  8. This is my CDAH delayed actions And the very top of my config.cpp (note the line pointing to the delayed actions file) Cheers
  9. Not sure why it would not work for you buddy, it was as simple as adding the gut animal part to the CDAH delayed actions file.
  10. Hi guys, ok firstly my apologies if this is the wrong place. Last night one of our players kindly sent us some screen shots and pointed out that we have sheep on our server that feel compelled to have a crack at scuba diving, though to be fair our players have been giving the sheep a hard time on our server so they were probably trying to hide Just thought you guys would like to know about this, don't know if there is anything that can be done about it or not, we are running Tanoa and have ALL animal spawning switched on (some of our players with bases on the coast were missing their pet landfish). Cheers
  11. Guys if you look in the addons / script section there are some extended logging scripts that will give you a log for destroyed vehicles if implemented on your server
  12. @DrRaccoon You need to speak to chris at infistar. and try to find out under what circumstances you were banned.
  13. If memory serves we had to re-jiggle some of the recipes when we first put this on our server so you could fit all the items into your gear to craft some of the items, unless of course your using the monster backpacks from HAP
  14. No worries bud, have a good one
  15. Guys you may need to check CDAH_CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp in the mod I think its messing up the gut animal timer in the new exile version, I'm going to try adding: to the bottom of the CDAH_CfgExileDelayedActions.hpp to see if it solves the problem cheers EDIT....... I can confirm that this fix worked for us, the gut animal timer bar now counts down and we get meat from animals