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  1. Did you shut down the server before starting the transfer ? Have you set your FTP folder rights correctly to allow uploads ?
  2. Probably, i haven't looked at in great detail to tell you what exactly that offset does but i'd leave it as is since the first time around i didn't actually know that only X and Y coords are pulled from configs and my array was wrong
  3. @Capu I'm fairly certain that the error you provided is not the cause for your crashes since that same thing is the last line before crash report gets generated every time i close my local test servers window. Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";]
  4. I checked the cofigs and locations returned are only X and Y. So for Tanoa it returns an array like this [[7085.57,7681.84],[1836.48,12994.2],[11878.5,2962.99],[1906.88,3464.02],[12195.2,13062.3]] been a while since the last time i've touched anything arma coding related but adding your coords using this as a template should fix it for you. _Positions = [[8918,8605],[3568,13002],[13173,13491],[13453,3987],[2850,1527]];
  5. This is my take for a east coast trader since Klen was kinda screwed a bit on redux map. Located at Black Lake. Still a WIP as i need to add more cosmetic things and lights for night time. https://imgur.com/a/XIGYP
  6. Right idea though it's a bit off since what you did would spawn no crates or anything. Position selection won't work here _Position = selectRandom; _Position set [2, 0]; _position = [_Position, _dropRadius] call ExileClient_util_math_getRandomPositionInCircle; _position set [2, _dropAltitude]; Should be done like this _DropLocation = selectRandom _Positions; _DropLocation set [2, 0]; _Position = [_DropLocation, _dropRadius] call ExileClient_util_math_getRandomPositionInCircle; _Position set [2, _dropAltitude]; So what you had was 1) _position used for 2 different things 2) selectRandom would have nothing to select from so it would do nothing 3) You could just defined your own positions within _filteredAirportPositions and remove the extra functions for finding drop zones since they would be rendered kinda useless.
  7. You could just simply define your own positions within ExileClient_util_world_getAllAirportPositions.sqf or within ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf Either would work so where you define your locations shouldn't matter, as far as i know nothing else is using that airport position check
  8. Could it be because your server start bat file is pointing to different cfg files which are not set up yet ?
  9. Well that would be easy if the flag room had enough room to squeeze a guy in there at all times, just log in, steal it, log out and wait untill they restore the flag again and repeat for free base.
  10. Micro freeze in vehicles is related to new simulation in arma, it just turns itself off and reactivates every now and then, same thing happens to towed and sling loaded vehicles. And imo 64 bit on server side doesn't make that much of a difference where as it makes quite a bit of difference for client side.
  11. So there's a bunch of "bugs" regarding exile concrete constructions like windows and floor ports You can no snap anything besides floors to upgraded concrete concrete floor ports. You can not throw nades, 3rd mark or use lock on RPGs while looking through upgraded concrete floor port. You can not 3d mark, use lock on RPGs and it's blurry when looking through upgraded concrete windows. You can not snap floors to upgraded concrete windows.
  12. Thermal scanners mate, they mate things stealthy and easy unless the server where you play has them removed