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  1. Yeah i should have been able to figure that one out alone Thanks a heap mate!
  2. I've tried a few thing but maybe i can be saved another hour of headaches.. Is there any way to remove the runners?
  3. I might be interested, but i would like some more info about the server/community.
  4. Stop crying, it's far from the first time things get updated. Be glad BI and @Eichi and the rest of the mods recognize the problems and steps up to fix em, i'll just take a break and enjoy real life for a while now
  5. Übergrejt!
  7. I'm lactose intolerant, fix me @Eichi!
  8. And A3XAI
  9. Yeah i imagine you did some kind of misstake with the addactionstuff
  10. Could probably help you if we could just see your config.cpp
  11. Sure it's not EBM structures? Cause ive seen that
  12. There should be a sticky on this hehe
  13. Thats odd, do the automatic restarts work, do you use the Infistar one ? I had this issue when i misstakenly input the wrong password in exile_server_config..
  14. Add the "Ryanzombies","ryanzombiefunctions","SM_Zombs" to the top "Addon" line in your mission.sqm Never seen this bad boy before, did you mess with description.ext in your mission root ?