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  1. I would thoroughly enjoy the ability to toggle an "extended" hud option, so I can see my weapon choice and ammo count. I've often had to hope for the best whether it's choosing the right weapon or having enough ammo to hold my ground. It's the only thing with the current HUD I dislike, I can deal with tapping 6 twice to see and hide the XM8 for the damage info but I don't enjoy having to guess if I'm on the right weapon or about to waste a round/missile.
  2. Removing them I imagine will force people to update Exile, it wouldn't be til the imaginary Exile 1.0.4 comes out that they're removed/changed I guess.
  3. Lol ahahaha great picture for some great advice
  4. You either misread my comment or misquoted me. I was building on my ship within minutes.
  5. The sleep idea could be used to regain health or lower the rate that food/water goes down for a short amount of time (good for going AFK a few minutes to go eat/shower/etc) The doors and keys would be a neat idea but I believe it'd be similar to cars and keys where players are constantly calling admin because of a lost key although I guess they could remake or replace the door I don't like the idea of lockpicking minigame as, screw blowing my way in, I might as well spend 10 minutes silently lockpicking the door..
  6. It's under 10km x 10km, not sure of the exact size but I'm rather confident it's either spot on or below it.
  7. It will overwrite all but I do believe it'll spawn them somewhere around to avoid collisions, it fixed my other traders where I had the issue with error code 3 or 13. At the terminal it'll spawn the vehicles avoiding others but I haven't tested it on the carrier
  8. Everyone does jump on the bandwagon a little fast, wouldn't hearing a brief part of their story before jumping on the wagon be sensible?
  9. They all look pretty darn sweet, I'm excited to see how popular Malden will be with Exile
  10. Thanks for bringing this up, I'll have to keep it in mind for December ;D
  11. You're meant to "catapult" them off of it using the slingshot on the carrier, otherwise they'll probably drop off the edge and kaboom
  12. You don't need to leave it configured in the exile config if it's not going to be used, I'd leave the restart time but then default everything else to 0 and give that a shot If your server command password is wrong for any reason, Infistar will likely be unable to execute #shutdown
  13. @Jamie Updates?
  14. Please double check you added everything where it should be, it's working fine for me
  15. Sorry, you've lost me. Not sure on what the congrats for