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  1. Thanks for bringing this up, I'll have to keep it in mind for December ;D
  2. You're meant to "catapult" them off of it using the slingshot on the carrier, otherwise they'll probably drop off the edge and kaboom
  3. Increase the radius of the territory, I think the flag "sphere" starts at the bottom of the ocean instead of around the flag, once I increased to 400m I could build almost to the rear of the carrier (Flag being at the tallest point on the ship)
  4. Yes there is, I have slingshot myself in a jet, a C130 and a Cessna with success
  5. You don't need to leave it configured in the exile config if it's not going to be used, I'd leave the restart time but then default everything else to 0 and give that a shot If your server command password is wrong for any reason, Infistar will likely be unable to execute #shutdown
  6. @Jamie Updates?
  7. Please double check you added everything where it should be, it's working fine for me
  8. Sorry, you've lost me. Not sure on what the congrats for
  9. Nah, Virgin Media don't on the 200mbps package 200/12, 12 being the upload speed, VM also traffic manage the uploads if you exceed such n such in a short amount of time. edit: they definitely don't, I've managed to download over a terabyte in a single month
  10. Are you sure? http://prntscr.com/f9xjvo
  11. Edit the database for that flag and increase the territory radius, My flag's on the very tippy top of the carrier and I can almost build to the rear of the carrier.
  12. Try to direct connect to it. Allow the Exe through the firewall, Portforward the ports in the router
  13. Super cool, I got it working on my server although without a map marker as of yet, but that's for tomorrow after a good sleep. Thanks for posting this otherwise I'd have had several carriers in the water for decoration, now only 4/5 are :'D
  14. Server.cfg Is this in there? serverCommandPassword = "Yourservercommandpass"; which is then the same in the infistar config?
  15. I have been able to destroy wooden base parts, concrete withstood 10+ HE-T shells and a few APDFS shells and didn't collapse