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  1. I loaded up the script version and got it working, Suppression and adrenaline both work, AI still don't toss grenades, even with grenade chance set to 70% I haven't seen any smoke. Will they pop smoke automatically? Or do you have to load smoke onto each AI in DMS? I don't want to clutter their inventories with smoke grenades and shells if it isn't necessary. Edit: Nope, loaded them with smoke grenades and they still wont use them. They steal cars, peek, etc just fine. But they will not toss grenades no matter what I do, and the roaming ai helicoptors I have on guard duty just dump all of their occupants out at about 50m up and they fall to their deaths. If I can get the grenades to work and can make the heli's not use VCOM this would be a great addition
  2. Yes, I followed the directions exactly. Im asking because you said you use it with occupation and vemf, I am using DMS (which controls AI) so I assume it would conflict with vcom (which is also trying to control ai)
  3. Does this work with DMS, Occupation, and ZCP? I loaded the mod up, server launched fine, but no AI are using smoke grenades, no mines being laid, spawned a car and they wont steal it, etc.
  4. The last three times I tried updating from 79 I had constant issues with vehicle scripts, mod conflicts, etc. To the point I had to roll back each time, or risk losing players. Glad this one worked with only a minor hiccup that was easily fixed though.
  5. Worked fine, just updated cause I was bored. You would be surprised how many people I know that wont update their stuff till it breaks, just causes issues most times. If it's working leave it alone!
  6. I've looked for the issue with that mod and even downloaded an unedited brand new version and still get the same error, the section it is referring to is below; class CfgFunctions { class SA { class AdvancedTowing { file = "\SA_AdvancedTowing\functions"; class advancedTowingInit{postInit=1}; }; }; }; I spent so long on trying to figure out what the issue was that I finally just ignored it since towing is still working on the server. I've had enhanced movement on both client and server for months, but when you said that I went and looked and apparently there is a newer version of it out that wasnt on the server. Trying that now Edit: Appears to be working, gonna give it 15 min or so and I'll report back Edit2: Still good, thanks!
  7. 19:09:41 "<infiSTAR.de>HACKLOG| Name and UID removed| HANDLE CHANGED: onButtonClick changed babe_button -> _this call babe_core_fnc_menuAd_fnc | 0h 1min 22s [12-09-2017 23-44-03 - v84] [12-09-2017 23-44-03 - v84]" 19:09:41 "<infiSTAR.de>KICKLOG| Name and UID removed isAdmin? true: HLOG_SKICK: Name and UID removed | HANDLE CHANGED: onButtonClick changed babe_button -> _this call babe_core_fnc_menuAd_fnc | 0h 1min 22s [12-09-2017 23-44-03 - v84] [12-09-2017 23-44-03 - v84]" Happens every time I log in, just updated from 79 to 84 Only errors in RPT are; arma3server_x64_2017-09-12_19-07-13.rpt 22. 19:07:18 File sa_advancedtowing\config.cpp, line 34: '/CfgFunctions/SA/AdvancedTowing/advancedTowingInit.postInit': Missing ';' prior '}' 1742. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitPelvis' 1743. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitAbdomen' 1744. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitDiaphragm' 1745. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitChest' 1746. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitArms' 1747. 19:10:27 Error compiling '' in 'HitLegs'
  8. I have added categories to all of my recipes and everything is showing correctly. How can I get rid of the empty "Uncategorized" option in the dropdown menu?
  9. Is the third person camera still borked in this mod? Or is it configurable now?
  10. That is the solution I went with for now as well, I just wasn't sure if infiStar or something could be used to block the action just in the contaminated zone
  11. Will do, any thoughts on how to prevent players from using enhanced movement to get onto buildings the zombies can't? Watched one today that was just farming the zombies from the top of a shed....
  12. Had to do the same thing here, harassing and hordes still spawn in my blacklisted areas so I had to disable them. I wasn't sure if I could define a marker and use infistar to block enhanced movement like the entire island was a territory or something.
  13. Any solution found for this? Still having attachment duping issues from vehicles and backpacks. Disabled attachments for now in my addons, but its unrealistic to leave snipers with DMR's and ghillies at 500m and using iron sights >.<
  14. I have it set to kill them 300 seconds after, so that they die with the AI, but they are just turtling in the tower until the bombs drop, and then their buddy revives them after everything is dead