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  1. I suppose they're the majority, but that's no excuse, Fair point
  2. Bump Need more active people for a Tanoa And Chernarus Team If your not that active we'll still accept you as long as you can get on when additional help is needed during raids.
  3. recruiting if your interested. contact me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146231113
  4. bump
  5. wrong area to post.
  6. Bump Cause I want top result
  7. eh mate pls dun't age discriminate um unly nurly 14.
  8. I'm fed up of other clans discriminating because of my age, And not to sound like a triggered feminist, but I don't like it when people judge my ability because of my voice ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't tell you how many dumbasses have come and asked to join without reading the following, if you don't and I see that you clearly haven't, I won't be accepting you. 1. We use discord to talk. Have it installed and then ask me for the link, don't do it the other way round, and don't bother adding me to join the clan if you don't like discord, we're not changing. 2. Accepting any ages, and if your older and not active enough to join our clans than we'll also be happy to accept you. 3. We're not a serious clan, we fuck up quite a bit as we don't want to be a hardcore clan, just want to put that out there. 4.We play on Exile and Wasteland (mainly exile), but for my sanity make sure you have A3 launcher. https://a3launcher.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of our rules: 1. When someone says "Shut Up" it means you shutup because they think they hear a vehicle or player. if you refuse to shutup then your a cunt 2. If you have the respect to buy someone gear, then please do so and don't ignore them, it's common sense. 3. Each member of the clan will be allowed to make a base near the main clan base, this is to make it harder for raiders and so the clan can have different codes for different safes/vehicles/bases. 4. Change your name in Arma 3 to <RMC> (Name) And example: <RMC> CptFart, this will (as far as I know) only affect progress on KOTH (which you can change back to your original name) 5. Use A3 launcher to join modded servers, sometimes we play exile, sometimes we play wasteland, to look at the current server we're on, check Pinned messages in general. 6. If you do nothing in a mission to help out, you get nothing, however if you've been supportive to the mission you'll receive a cut. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Add me on steam to apply: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146231113 Exx Dee: MonocleCrumpet: guessing your not bothered with the clan since we use discord? koongen98: yeah im sorry MonocleCrumpet: what's so wrong with discord? koongen98: its not discord its that i want to talk to my friends that plays other games and stuff MonocleCrumpet: whilst playing exile? koongen98: yeah MonocleCrumpet: I mean you could do that and play on your own on the server, and then when we're doing missions or a raid and need more help you could join discord? --No reply--
  9. No, I'm going to stay and being a whining bitch because that's what all people going through puberty do. lol.
  10. Nah, I'm good. you're all judging me by my voice and assuming I'm thick. Not who I want to play with.
  11. 900 hours, any chance there could be an exception?
  12. Activity: I can play between 3PM - 10PM GMT on weekdays and on Saturday from around 12PM - 12AM , Sunday (due to work) from 4PM -10PM (ofc I won't be on for straight hours but that's normally the time I'm around my pc) I'd say that I'm open minded but that's what almost all arrogant people say when they come across a question like this. Unfortunately you'd have to find out if/when I talk to you. Don't mind helping out new players, spent about 200-300 hours on exile so I'm reasonably experienced. I have discord. I have steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198146231113/ I have all dlcs however Tanoa is a bit laggy for me. I'll be getting my new pc within two months though. Age: 14, there aren't many groups that like people around my age which is understandable but if given the chance I hope you understand that I'm different in quite a few ways, However if the group is age discriminating to the point where it stops becoming fun I simply won't play. Arma 3 Activity: