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  1. You indeed do have a number of errors . A lot of double entries which you need to resolve .before I would move any more forward with you server . In saying that . Your other post for zombie would be put on hold till you have them fixed . The easiest way is to go through tour rpt and look at each error and see where they are coming from . Start at the top and work your way down . Am on my mobile so I dint have a great view of the rpt .
  2. solved

    did you figure this out ? it must be possible any body do this with success ?
  3. K Kool . Thanks for letting me know .
  4. I suppose a server owner could make it sling loadable if they added the list name to what ever script they ran.
  5. The box can be placed like any object . With the hook you can place it so it appears to hang . Would have been easy enough to test it on a server that runs ebm imo
  6. Can't wait !
  7. if you knew what file was called for safezone clean up , you should be able to do an over ride , rather then safe zone use one of your traders as variable to distance . I also came across this older thread http://www.exilemod.com/topic/5681-safe-zones-too-safe/#comment-21341
  8. what do you mean by unsafe ?
  9. what am I trying to do I don't know if @infistar can do ( even though am sure it's possible) in NOTIFY_MSG_ARRAY am trying to add ["Welcome %1",name player] so at log in it welcomes "player name" I have another script that does it but if i can use infistar then it's one less script i need to worry about . is this possible chris ?
  10. I look at it this way frankie I love the mod . Your doing great work . If people are that fussy they don't have to use those parts or don't use snap .
  11. EBM does not some with deconstruct recipes . go where to were to found them possible in the crafting section of the forum here or make your own , not too hard
  12. Two things i noticed . Windows 10 stop's it from running . You must click run anyways . Second I noticed .if you run more then 1 server from same directory but different exe the program has no way of telling which is which .
  13. Dam that was fast update great job . I know what I'll be doing tonight .
  14. I like it . I was thinking more of duct tape ,bush kit , and say a basic uniform maybe .
  15. I look forward to it for trying out your new project !