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  1. To better help you understand since you are too hard headed to read. The game will be nothing like the mod. So for the next thing the only assets that I did not create that will be used are 3 tree models and grass. Secondly all in game assets will be "made by me and my team" that includes from rocks the buildings. The map will not be anything from Arma but from my imagination that I create. And lastly no I am not stealing models or from anyone the folliag assets are bought and paid for these assets are now mine because I "bought them" these assets are not what you get free but paid for and I never said they where mine I explained twice that they are bought from the store twice now so actually read what I've posted before commenting please. Now to explain the game which I have stated twice no I am not taking there idea this will be an open sandbox game with "similarities" as to an Arma zombie survival. So please read before you start accusing and acting like a kid.
  2. Yes your right and I understand that.But honestly I prefer my keyboard. Again tho I will take care of it before the day is out thanks again.
  3. Sorry for not using correct Grammer but rn I am on my phone and replying while doing other things. So honestly it's not like it's going to hurt you. When I am home I'll retype everything I have said on my post to better help everyone understand what my goal here is, and to fix alot of my Grammer.
  4. Also Eichi thank you so much that means alot to me coming from you. This mod has been the greatest thing and I hope you don't take my post as offensive I wasn't trying to be, but hearing that from you means alot since again this mod is my favorite. Also it won't be an over night thing it will take me some time but I would like to at least get the community to at least try it for themselves before pushing it out the door. I even plan on letting players download a demo of it as soon as it's past a few more stages. EDIT : There you go.
  5. This will not be my first project and yes I agree I understand the chances of something like this being anything good in the eyes of others is questionable and I can take the opinions of others well. And yes I do plan on working on this really hard and placing alot of dedication into the game I'm not going for something easy I'm working really hard to make it something fun and enjoyable. Now to state no I did not plan on taking the full Arma or exile idea o heart yes the games will have similarities but the game will be of my imagination I've ran an exile server for along time and it's my fovorite mod out there without a doubt. Now in the game development area this is not my first rodeo I learned programming at age 9 my uncle was a teacher at my local collage for most of his life and has been a great tutor to me. My skills span from C++, C#, Java, python, Ruby, basic etc... Now in the game development area this is nothing new to me I've been working with Unity and unreal for many years and I am honored to say I have been apart of many indie titles. Now with that said alot of people seem to misunderstand my intentions and I can tell many have even read or payed attention to what I posted. This game will be nothing like Exile other than an island and survival with Z's running about so yes the idea from Exile is a big influence only in that area. Now as for the game it's it is just a basic sandbox survival. Look at badlegrounds it was just realeased and the idea came from King of the Hill an Arma 3 game mode and so far it's going great other than the lag on high end rigs and some server interruptions that's about all I've heard that is bad about the game. Now of course I've never been a king of the Hill fan but then again I've not played it enough to get into it. But yes I understand the hardship etc.. the maps within the game will not even come close to resemble any of armas maps.
  6. No i get it simply you believe your opinion outranks hundreds of others. This is suppose to be a fun project but people like you enjoy ruining things for others. Just because your view on it seems less than some dose not mean much at all anyways. All i asked was for the communities opinions and that is what i got so move along if you have anything else to say then feel free but im not looking for undermined "Don't make it" comments. If i make it depends on the support i get for the game.
  7. And another point is that i never claimed to have made those assets i simply stated that the area around the scenes was created by me and my team. All buildings, vehicles, weapons, skybox, water, wind effects etc. will be made by me and my team.
  8. Um for one the game will have all of my assets the only thing that will be in there that for one i bought for 149$ so yes i can use this in my game are a few trees and grass textures and materials along with a few landscape materials.
  9. This is basically me just expressing some ideas and wondering if the community would like to see something like this. All i am wanting to do is build a sandbox standalone Exile game similar to Dayz Standalone but without the early access so that a finished game is actually produced instead of half of nothing.
  10. This is not a troll and i assure you i am not 8 i am turning 21 in july. How could anything i said be a troll? I am just asking for the communities opinion on this.
  11. Would it be so bad to do a standalone?
  12. Hey guys sorry for never getting back to you i had found my issue it was 2 different things one being me not realizing the X64 update and also some of my code was broken but i fixed everything after that sorry again for not responding i have been away on a road trip to California but thanks again guys!
  13. Why ask as if i don't?
  14. Yes i know what CGI is. We will have actors recorded in real time for perfect and neat player/zombie animations. I only post on this forum due to the curiosity of what type of fan base would (if even dose) exist for something like this seeing that the Dayz Standalone kinda went down hill for some players if not for a large portion of the community.
  15. Yes please any advise or if there is something you dislike or do not understand please go ahead and ask.