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  1. Hi dude, im very interested in doing a similiar server-side-addon .pbo. I do not have much experience in Arma scripting, but im trying to override: class CfgMagazines class AbstractConstruction class CfgConstruction class CfgVehicles ...based in "Extended Base Mod" and "DonkeyPuncheD Exile Addon Mod" i only want to add vanilla arma buildings into the exile construction base system. Have you had any success with your idea?
  2. Hi, it's there any updated idea bout this?
  3. ohh yes, certainly, no problem hope you can solve it
  4. ahh, I'm definitely not a programmer jaja, but i realized that. Is just an idea to simplify the Extended Base Mod keeping only default arma buildings and items. If I send you my mission.pbo can you help me to do a server side addon?
  5. Hi @Freakylein it is possible to do a simple Client addon/script with your mod, taking away custom items and keeping default Arma 3 items and buildings? I tried to override cfgConstruction/cfgMagazines/cfgVehicles without succeed, any idea? We have a dedicated server, your mod is awesome but we dont use anyone except Exile.