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  1. No dont have the files for that but i could make one eventually if its requested alot.
  2. @Irkutsk38 try this link http://www.filedropper.com/exilewinth
  3. I run a Panthera/Winthera server myself and ive had quite a few messages about the mission files and so on, so i thought i would share a basic Exile.Panthera3.pbo file with loot positions for others to use. Personally i dont know why this map isnt more popular, IceBrakr has recently released a winter version which is included in the download. There are 3 traders in my version, Also a upgraded military base with the loot positions added to the table, Pictures are below Installation: To run this map all you need is CUP_Terrians_Core and the Panthera map itself. Download Cup Terrains Core from here Add to the server root - @CUP_Terrains_Core Download the Panthera3 map from here. Add to the server root and make sure the folder is called - @panthera_a3 Parameters used : -mod=@panthera_a3;@CUP_Terrains_Core; For Panthera: MpMission : Exile.Panthera3 For Winthera MpMission : Exile.Winthera3 You can download my basic pbo file here, when changing between Panthera and Winthera, Remember to change the PBO name aswell = Exile.Panthera3 or Exile.Winthera3 Here are the loot positions (Including new military base) Replace in your exile_server_config Here are some pictures of the map and traders Map: Trader #1: Trader #2: Trader #3 Simple Boat Trader: Upgraded Drulovka Military Base:
  4. I keep getting this when i start up my server, the server still works fine but this keeps showing, Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. cup_cwa_misc 17:44:11 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. cup_editor_buildings_config does anyone know what this is or how to fix it?
  5. Thats the setup i use, Its perfect as infistar restarts the server after 3 hours, with plenty of warning before restarts, Using this you dont need any RCON or anything.
  6. Hi there was wondering if you guys could help me. All of a sudden i cant join my server i had tried everything, from reinstalling arma to checking my own internet and so on, I would just get stuck on the connecting screen while trying to join, It wouldnt even show anything on the log so i could get some indication of what was wrong with my account connecting, then i seen this error : error: Invalid file path "http://infiSTAR.eu/s.php?sn=SGG -ExilePantheraWinter- 30K Start|VirtualGarage|ExtendedBaseRaiding|CustomMissions|CustomCrafting..And Many More&sp=&um=MYEMAIL&i=06-Jan-2017 14-21-51 - v0070&s=["Arma 3","Arma3",166,139586,"Stable",true,"Windows"]". I deleted infistar and tried to connect and connected to the server fine, downloaded a fresh infistar and now im getting the same error in log and back to cant connect to my server. Is there something im doing wrong ive never had this error before?
  7. I was wondering if someone could help me, I have been running a server for a few months now with no real problems but today i just cant join my own server (lol) everyone else can but i cant, i get stuck on the loading screen and i can hear the waves in the background from the map, and that doesnt go away.. i have no idea what has caused this, i even tried to delete my account out the accounts and player in the database but I still cannot join, when i check my log it doesnt even show anything about me trying to connect. any ideas?
  8. @kuplion can chernarus winter be run with A2OP? Or only CUP Core/Maps?
  9. ryanzombies

    Did you get this working? If not what map are you using? I'd happily help you.
  10. Your class CfgTraderCategories is wrong, you have used the cfgexilearsenal instead of the trader categories it should look like this:
  11. In your config your class CfgExileArsenal should look like this class CfgExileArsenal { #include "TRADERS\APEX\ItemListAPEX.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\ARMA3V\ItemListARMA3V.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\ARMA3W\ItemListARMA3W.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUPW\ItemListCUPW.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUPV\ItemListCUPV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\EBM\prices.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HAP\ItemListHAP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HLC\ItemListHLC.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HVP\ItemListHVP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HWP\ItemListHWP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\Jonzie\ItemListJonzie.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASV\ItemListMASV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASW\ItemListMASW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\NIA\ItemListNIA.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\R3FW\ItemListR3FW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSGREF\ItemListGREF.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSV\ItemListRHSV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSW\ItemListRHSW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\TRYK\ItemListTRYK.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\PODS\ItemListPODS.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\ItemListCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\ItemListExile.hpp" }; And your class CfgTraderCategories should look like this class CfgTraderCategories { #include "TRADERS\APEX\TraderCategoriesAPEX.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\ARMA3V\TraderCategoriesARMA3V.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\ARMA3W\TraderCategoriesARMA3W.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUPW\TraderCategoriesCUPW.hpp" #include "TRADERS\CUPV\TraderCategoriesCUPV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\EBM\traders.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HAP\TraderCategoriesHAP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HLC\TraderCategoriesHLC.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HVP\TraderCategoriesHVP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\HWP\TraderCategoriesHWP.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\Jonzie\TraderCategoriesJonzie.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASV\TraderCategoriesMASV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\MASW\TraderCategoriesMASW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\NIA\TraderCategoriesNIA.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\R3FW\TraderCategoriesR3FW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSGREF\TraderCategoriesGREF.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSV\TraderCategoriesRHSV.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\RHSW\TraderCategoriesRHSW.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\TRYK\TraderCategoriesTRYK.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\PODS\TraderCategoriesPODS.hpp" //#include "TRADERS\CUSTOM\TraderCategoriesCUSTOM.hpp" #include "TRADERS\Exile\TraderCategoriesExile.hpp" }; You need to comment the ARMA3
  12. I looked at your Cfg.Traders.hpp it loks like your using exile, apex and cup weapons? do they all show when you click into the traders or is any of them missing? print screen and upload what you see when you click into the armory trader please.
  13. @MannyAU I dont think they are actually duplicates? When i used this traders there's lots of what looks like duplicates but there actually guns with attachments already attached (grenade launchers, scopes, grips) Which i did not like at all so i removed all the guns with attachments so players have to buy them, this is what i use in my servers. Go to TRADERS>CUPW>ItemListCUPW and replace it with this: Go to TRADERS>CUPW>TraderCategoriesCUPW and replace it with this: This is just the basic guns without attachments, well there is a couple i still haven't taking out but that's it, No duplicates just the same gun but with different camo's. Also changed the prices to what i prefer you could change them yourself to suit, Hope this helps
  14. Well spotted, I will edit it in now in case anyone else wishes to use it in the future, cheers