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  1. For some reason once a day my server crashes, and when i check the log I get this: ServerMods: @exileserver Extensions: extDB3 (C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Panthera\Server\@exileserver\extDB3.dll) [] [] armalog (.\armalog.dll) [] [] Distribution: 0 Version 1.68.141205 Fault time: 2017/04/24 15:53:39 Fault address: 00BA3A3B 01:00982A3B C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\Panthera\Server\arma3server.exe file: Exile (__cur_mp) world: Panthera3 Prev. code bytes: 00 E8 EF 43 29 00 8D 8C 24 D4 00 00 00 51 8B C8 Fault code bytes: 8B 10 8B 82 68 02 00 00 FF D0 F3 0F 10 48 04 F3 Registers: EAX:00000000 EBX:49C13AC0 ECX:00000000 EDX:0063C840 ESI:79676040 EDI:0242F444 CS:EIP:0023:00BA3A3B SS:ESP:002B:0242F250 EBP:1E3D0E28 DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B Flags:00210246 ======================================================= note: Minidump has been generated into the file SC\arma3server_2017-04-24_14-05-27.mdmp Has anyone has this before, I run quite a few addons but its never been a problem until the past few days, Anyone any idea whats causing this? Thanks
  2. @kuplion I'm using the Exdb3 now and noticed they have already got a override for ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled, Im not sure if i should try merge the 2 or not, have you tried this? Not sure if it would be easy enough.
  3. @Z80CPU Yeh what I meant was I have a test server on this PC (Using TADST) which is a exact duplicate of the game server I rent from a company, And what got me thinking of building another PC just for running server(s) is how much quicker everything is updating/restarting.. Just everything in general with my test server is WAY faster than the company i use, BUT its just the internet problem lol.. Im going to see if this dedicated server rent is any quicker. If not then I will most likely buy another PC. Thanks again.
  4. @tinboye @Z80CPU Thanks for your input, I've decided to rent a dedicated server from QualityGameServers, I just dont want to buy a rig and have the servers running on my home network and it having a effect on me playing and regret spending the money! I've looked at the reviews and it seems good and reliable, I'm just home and away to give BEC a try on this PC, Thanks
  5. @x423xriobravo Setting it to any number higher than 999999 will cause this to happen Change it to 999999.
  6. @tinboye I had a look at that before i posted first comment but couldnt find the mission file in that post is it actually there and ive missed it lol ?
  7. @Neo420 GTX gaming and probably most server provider will only give you the usual exile missions files, Maybe someone could give you there mission file. If not and you cant find one online you will most likely have to make/modify one yourself. You would benefit from learning how to do these things so make your server unique to other Bornholm servers. There is plently of topics in these forums on how to do these things, It takes time to learn but once you know how its fairly easy. Dropping GTX wont change anything..
  8. what do you use? or recommend.. TADST is the first one i seen i only use it for a test server but id be looking for something better if it was a more permanent official server.
  9. @tinboye My internet is good = download speed its about 220, 12-13 upload speed and IPS is rated 3 out of 5 stars?, I know how to run a server from windows i use TADST running it on this computer for tests and so on. And as for changes and updating certain mods its a hell of a lot quicker updating through my computer than the provider i use. Just have the worry if its going to slow my gaming down because my server some days has 40+ in it, Just not sure what to go for.
  10. At the moment i'm torn between buying my own dedicated box system for hosting my server or renting a dedicated system from for example Online.net, My question is if i'm hosting from my home will this have an impact on my internet for playing games, I THINK its all about your upload speed for server running? and download speed for general playing (I might be wrong) As much as I love running my servers I still like to play other games online and so does my other half, Having a server from home will this effect me in anyway? Or am i better just renting a dedicated system? At the moment i rent a dedicated game server not a system. Thanks
  11. Got it working thanks
  12. @tinboye "if you cant setup your server with verified signatures and battleye on, you shouldnt be running a server" I asked that same question when i first started running a Exile server and that was the kind of answer I got, I sat for a while learning how to make filters and have battleye running, Id advise you to do the same, Yeh you dont need battleye to run a server BUT no battleye = less security, making it easier for hackers. Just the other day i couldnt get a filter to work but with the help on this forum I got it working. So for me id definitely say YES learn them and have BE activated.
  13. Ill probably end up testing it out over the weekend, seems it has some pro's and con's.. Thanks for everyone's input on it
  14. Hello guys, couple of questions.. Should i upgrade the server to 64bit?? Been leaning towards yes but just not 100% sure as there doesn't seem to be anything official released yet (if there will ever be) Has anyone got there server running at this? and is it worth the upgrade? thanks
  15. @MGTDB I did that and it works fine, cheers