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  1. I have problem - the old vehicles aren't deleted after X days of not being used, because the 'last_updated_at' field in database is refreshed every day. I think it's caused by infiSTAR script which is causing all vehicles to be updated on server shutdown, and in database there is constraint set on `vehicle` table, to update `last_updated_at` field on every UPDATE operation. The function named "_fnc_shutdown_server" is calling this code: { _x call ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_update; } forEach vehicles;
  2. Can anyone tell me, why script is showing window with APEX info, instead of mod checker info? EDIT: had bug in configuration, had to check client logs to find out EDIT2: after fixing problems, now anyway APEX Info window is showing first then after I click continue, mod checker is showing. How to disable APEX Info window?
  3. No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Exile_Ammo_BreachingCharge_BigMomma_Veh.minHeight' Got that error, players are unable to place charge sometimes, its infinite waiting after using Place Charge action.
  4. I have it updated to version 3.0. Anything else?
  5. I have applied workaround for doors not opening on my server, and it was on for few days. What I can see, that workaround is really bad: its not working all the time - the doors become laggy, they sometimes open, sometimes you have to wait few seconds or sometimes they don't open at all and you still have to replace doors. Also workaround is causing lower server performance and lower client fps. Is this normal? Will there be new fix for this in upcoming Exile version or some better workaround?
  6. BTW its not working in igiLoad because of locality check. If anyone knows how to change locality to player on crate loading, it would be nice to hear. The setOwner function doesn't work for me, probably because its executed on client side. if (local _x) then {
  7. @Brock5992 You have multiple overrides of function in config.cpp file: ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show .
  8. Add: Place saved code for example in Custom\overrides\ folder in mission file. In mission file config.cpp in class cfgexilecustomcode add something like this: ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show = "Custom\overrides\baserespawn2.sqf";
  9. This version is working great and has 5 minute respawn cooldown in one place.
  10. How to use _onSuccessScript thing? My code is: But it doesn't work.
  11. Maybe it's because new Extended Base Mod...
  12. Thanks, but I already know it, but on my server walls are destructible by RPGs etc. for some reason. Maybe it's bug in infiSTAR or other mod.
  13. Is it intended that Wood Wall is destructible by RPGs, and how to disable it?
  14. I think problem was because of Linux version of arma3server isn't optimized, and at the time server was running at about 1-2 fps, and scripts like garbage collector didn't work properly. I'm going to switch to Windows Server 2012 tomorrow and see if it helps.
  15. I have it set: // Loot spawned inside a building class Loot { lifeTime = 3; interval = 1; };