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  1. ignore, sorted it
  2. @GamersRoost thanks I need glasses! Lol. It starts now but just keeps looping. Reads the mission file, starts the servers, reads mission file again, starts server and so on. Any ideas?
  3. Any ideas for this guys? Got everything set up but on start up its looking for the tanoa map even though in the config.cpp in the exileserver folder I changed map name to exile.altis
  4. Where do I change the rcon and server ports? I changed the game port in the restart script already.
  5. Thanks for all the responses! Fantastic help everyone. If I just copy the server folder and make a new one I would still have the db problem where traders were on the map but there were no traders actually there and my character had the same gear on him as if I was playing on the Tanoa map. How do I get around this? Do I have to start a new db for altis?
  6. I currently have dedi server 2012r2 running Tanoa in a vm. I want to spin up another vm to host altis. It's there a way to have both of the servers show seeing as they essentially will have the same external ip? Do I need to change the steam and game port on the altis svr too or can both use the same ports, as they will have a different internal ip? Last question was around copying the Tanoa vm and just changing the mission file to altis? Presumably I would then have to install all the mods from scratch?
  7. what Sandmanuix said, DMS freezes AI if a player is not within a certain distance of them to save your FPS. You can increase or decrease this. In this instance try increasing the freezing distance or just set to '0' to disable i believe. Freezing should go away then.
  8. All set in the config.sqf of DMS. You can set min and max number of missions, time to respawn and duration of missions etc. from there.
  9. I have enhanced movement 50% working on the server as in the settings are there for the bindings on the ESC menu. I have set the keys up but when i press them i either get a chat box, a marker placed on the map wherever i am looking, or i jump. i am unable to climb or do any advanced movement?
  10. Thanks pal. [SOLVED]
  11. Does the client definitely have the same mod versions as the server? I had this issue with one of my players but it turned out he had a different version of the same mod. JSRS for example has 3 different versions that are newish.
  12. I have disabled thermal in the config file on my server, however it still works on the advanced helmets etc. Anyone know if there is another setting that is overriding this?
  13. Just wondering when we can expect a new release of exile to include all the temp fixes from the 1.68 update, presumably v1.03 as I could not find a topic on this in the forum
  14. @BetterDeadThanZed - thanks for the offer but i managed to fix it using @Beowulfv instructions! wanted to learn how to do it myself and worked a treat. Thank you both for all the help [SOLVED]
  15. [SOLVED]