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  1. Hahaha.... Ok, thanks. Actually, if I had the skills I would've created this same post but explaining how to do it...
  2. Good afternoon, Simple question : What would be the best way to create a Special Trader where players purchase vehicles or items in exchange of a specific object? I Mean, instead of purchasing with poptabs I want the players to purchase with a specific item. Is this possible? Thanks
  3. I wonder this same question. Any answer?
  4. We've had this issue during these days. Log: 17-03-2017 09:38:51 infiSTAR.de | Player(0000000000000000 - 11) HLOG_SKICK: Player(0000000000000000) | POTENTIAL-TP 4: Moved 219m in 0.311035s (from [9644.67,15126.9,65.2781] to [9861.7,15158.4,23.0569]). TopSpeed of CUP_B_AH64D_MR_USA is 293 speed was 3031. Player FPS: 24.961. Alive for 2600.12s | 2h 38min 2s I of course removed the real player name and Steam ID. For now we have disable our Anti-TP Check because we have a lot of planes and helis availables at traders.
  5. My traders are as they are by default on Altis. I just followed the instructions and test it. Did you have that error when installing it?
  6. Ok, I tried this today. I can confirm it still doesnt work. RPT Error: > 17:25:23 Error Undefined variable in expression: trader 17:25:23 File x\addons\a3_travellingTrader\serverside\travellingTrader.sqf, line 134 17:25:23 Error in expression < disableAI "MOVE"; uiSleep 5; } else Removing
  7. I feel your pain bro. I'm sorry I can't help you further. On a last try, ask your server provider if they changed your server multihome IP, or public IP. In my case, my server IP was different to its multihome and that's why It didn't work for me, I asked to my server provider and that solved my problem.
  8. That's weird. Because your server is sending messages sucessfully, but your smartphone is not getting them. What about your other players? Are they getting messages or not?
  9. The best way of testing it is paying the protection money. It should get a message. However if someone steal your flag, you should get a message that your flag was stolen.
  10. Hi, one question. On my server, it started showing the Abandoned Safe Markers. It means that players have left their stuffs abandoned. The problem is that the Event says: "Abandoned safe located!", "PIN has been changed to 0000. Check your map for the location." And when player get there the pin code is not 0000. I checked that the code is another one. Is this normal? I could modify the Toast notification to say something like: "Get a Thermal Scanner and try to crack the abandoned safe", but I just wonder if this event has a bug? Thanks.
  11. Umm, well that's weird. Do you receive messages when you send broadcast? On the other hand, according to your screenshots, there have been a lot of transmisions 880 on the first and 2 on the other one. It means it's working, or at least it worked once. Check on server details when was the last transmission, that way you could determine if it stop working and when.
  12. Hey man, according to the pictures you uploaded, it looks like your servers are working fine with the mobile app. If you concern about the Status 200 log, dont worry. I managed to solve the problem and now the transmissions work fine and it still show the message Status 200. The difference is that now the message is "Ok", not "fail" like it was before for me. My service it's been working like a charm and this is one of my logs, just for your check: [29-12-2016_13-2-1] XM8Log: Server returned: STATUS: 200 MESSAGE: {"r":"ok"} That message "MESSAGE: {"r":"ok"} " means that works fine
  13. Now I can tell you that Im happy. My company gave me the Master IP or Multihome IP of my server and the App works like a charm now. As you said, it was a different IP. Thanks a lot for your time and your guide.
  14. Ok bro, you are very kind on sharing your experience. I'll ask them and post back here how it was Have a good day.