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  1. So, I haven't played ArmA in a while, and the server I had going was discontinued. But as of late, the interest is returning and I want to set up our old PvE server again. But as I understand, Exile has been updated, and several addons might not have been. This is what I want to run on the Server: - Exile (latest version) - DMS - Extended Base Mod - Exile Occupation - Enigma Exile Revive - Chernarus, Bornholm or Taviana map. Now, I wonder if there are any known issues with this combination of mods and addons? Anything I should be aware of? I also note that DMS is mostly geared toward Altis, but that it works on other maps. As we had Altis before, we'd like to try a different map, but the missions need to work, so which map is preferrable? Any feedback is welcome!
  2. So, I run a DS on a computer at home. And now that 1.68 of ArmA is out, it needs to be updated. Simply restarting the server didn't work. And as far as I can see, there is no simple "update.bat" (yeah, yeah, I'm old :P). Any tips on how to easily update ArmA to the latest version without effing up all the mods?
  3. Question, would this be working with ALL corpses? Reason I'm asking is that we are using enigma revive on our server, and would love the option of dragging a friends ass to safety before starting cpr...
  4. Actually, now that I've had a day to test it, the problems seems to be that the last used spawnpoint is unavailable for the next to spawn.
  5. Bumping... Also, I want this, but am not using infiSTAR on my dedicated server, would it work outside? And... I'm a complete noob/tool when it comes to coding (even though, I am learning :P), a step-by-step for installing? I don't need handholding all the way, just what to put where...
  6. This seems to be the case for my server too. Any bugfixes? It's no biggie, but would be nice to know that scripts we include work
  7. Ahaha, I did find this, and that might be what solved it. Thanks a bundle mate!
  8. For some reason, this wasn't defined in my mission.pbo. But I just added it at the appropriate place, and it works like a charm!
  9. Has this setting been moved? Can't find it in my mission.pbo, not in the exileserver.pbo, or anywhere else... ctrl+f is my friend, but still no dice...
  10. Remember that if you think a 5 (or 10, or whatever your server is set to) minute respawn is a long time, you can always hit ESC and select respawn to manually override the spawn timer
  11. Oh, I wasn't talking about CUP (even though I'd love to use CUP or RHS stuff). The mods I'm talking about are the @norweian_units, @nato_rus_weapons and @swedish_forces_pack. They all have a license that let me reuse their content, as far as I can see. But I'd still get a written consent from their authors, because that is the decent way to it.
  12. Yeah, I know, that's why I need to contact the original authors
  13. Well, can't get DMCA'ed if your not in the US Either way, I guess I'll have to contact the original authors and ask them
  14. That definetely explains a lot... Any easy way to make them multifaction or independent?
  15. I am also experiencing this. I have reverted my server to these mods: @enigma and @extended_base_mod Am experiencing problems when I add: @norwegian_units, @nato_rus_weapons and @swedish_forces_pack And since I am not using RHS or CUP, I don't think the problem is at their side. Either that, or the three mods I am trying to add have the same issues...