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  1. Try this one:
  2. ["Land_Hangar_F", [841.758, 6124.95, 93.4762], [-0.996048, -0.0888158, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], @JerryAtricks initServer.sqf Change the "true" to "false", but be careful not to do this with anything that is a door. Also, are you running R3F logistics?
  3. @Liqu1dShadow I honestly have never tried a Helicopter. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes
  4. Update: You can now spawn in AI vehicle using: _ai_vehicle_0 = "CUP_O_ZU23_ChDKZ"; // Class name of vehicle *Change This* private _veh = [ [ [5983.429,510.547,121.833] ], _AIGroup, "random", _difficulty, _side, _ai_vehicle_0 ] call DMS_fnc_SpawnAIVehicle; I will update the Sample Mission, however will not be actually putting it into the tutorial.
  5. @Liqu1dShadow I would need to see the mission you are creating to correctly answer your question.
  6. 1) You are right you can spawn AI anywhere you want using tutorial. 2) I have yet to dable in dynamic missions, so I can't answer that question yet.
  7. Ponds? What is wrong with them?
  8. You need to specify there are Dynamic and Static missions. Dynamic meaning they spawn in a random location and Static meaning it always spawns in same location.
  9. Wrong place to black list observe below:
  10. @jmayr2000 You could block comment it out or just change the settings in config.sqf
  11. .....Read Man....Read...
  12. 3DEN Better Inventory and T3DEN does the same thing only better and without purchase
  13. @KevinClyde It is clientside, however, not on A3Launcher yet.
  14. Working on adding AI vehicles. Should be available soon.
  15. Ok, you have too many groups. Just use the one group and adjust the AI count accordingly.