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  1. Exilemod Loot Position Creator: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647
  2. Wait, so we need extDB3?
  3. You cannot reverse add them to your eden editor. Gotta start all over, if u wanna make changes. It's harsh, I lost my saved missions yesterday..
  4. @Deiaros Join TS whenever you have time, ill figure it out for ya.
  5. Oh come on Kuplion.. the man wants his 5k..
  6. Np, ofcourse people could rebind the key.. but hey.. can't disable everything haha.
  7. @GamingAtDeathsDoor Np, did it work though?
  8. @Mezo I was thinking if it wouldn't be better if we had it inside the XM8. I'm using ExAd XM8 apps and implemented your bounty system. You can either put it in the OP, or I'll describe the steps here. So for people that want this as a built in app in the XM8 change these files: Config.cpp: inside your class CfgXM8 add "Bounties": Inside your class CfgXM8 add a new class called "Bounties": Inside your MostWanted_Client folder, put a .paa image of your liking. Alternatively, you can change the Notifications.hpp messages to your liking aswel, since default tells you to go and check the office trader. If all went well it should look something like this:
  9. That, or you can disable the "J" key in your Exileclient_hud_event_onKeyDown.sqf ? Check for the _stopPropagation lines and add another line with the code corresponding to the "J" key. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes DIK_J 0x24
  10. @M6mal 1) Find both these files in the exile_client PBO. 2) Copy and paste both files into your mission PBO. 3) Edit the lines on the bottom (where it says "you have left a safezone"). 4) Go to your config.cpp and scroll down to customcode, add these lines to it. ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone = "ExileClient_object_player_event_onEnterSafezone.sqf"; ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone = "ExileClient_object_player_event_onLeaveSafezone.sqf"; Repack your mission PBO and put it on the server.
  11. Highest Evolution Gaming Namalsk

    Welcome to Highest Evolution Gaming - Namalsk Server features: -Custom DMS missions -Roaming AI -ZCP capture points -Black market -CUP weapons -NIarms/HLC weapons -Enhanced movement -TRYK clothing -NATO RUS vehicles -Basepainting -Vector building -Active admins & TS support! This and much more! Our goal was to create a place where people could enjoy playing Exilemod, whilst giving back the old ArmA 2 feeling of playing Namalsk! We have added many custom features on our server to provide the best experience possible, and we are working hard to improve our server each and every day! We have mods that have experience in both Exilemod and Namalsk, to provide you the best help possible, at any time of the day (EU and NA times). Our server runs on a single dedicated server, this together with carefully selected mods, and optimisations, which ensures the best possible performance both for the client and the server. The server is NOT monetized and will NEVER be! Feel free to visit our website, join ts for a chat or join us on the field!
  12. If u wanna make sure your server is eligible to get on A3L, use http://a3.launcher.eu/check
  13. Yup thats what I meant
  14. Yea, should be able to do so by: 1) Creating a new family in your database(clan), change the family ID to something like 1337. 2) Set the DEFAULT value on clan_id in account to 1337. Lemme know if that worked
  15. OVH has indeed got a build-in firewall by default, this makes it so only the guy that is renting the server, can only see the server. To fix this go to your control panel: 1) In the menu on the left, all the way to the bottom click on IP. 2) Select your IPv4 adress and click on the "cogwheel" icon on the right. 3) Select configure game firewall, then disable it. @Its me ZovkT @Sob-