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  1. Should do the trick.
  2. Well mine stopped driving around/getting out and killing people right after I started using VCOM. By modifying that file they now do as they did before.
  3. People can always ESCAPE -> ALT-F4 though.
  4. occupationVehicle.sqf Add the _unit setvariable ["VCOM_NOAI",true]; to line 214, 228 and 241. Thats how I did it, they now drive around, get out and kill people again. You might be fine by just adding it under line 214. Not 100% sure.
  5. Adding to your SpawnZombie.sqf in ExileZ @ line 131 will fix that issue. Just tested it.
  6. infiSTAR already does this. Just write the SQL command to get the lines out. This is how I do it, I just wrote everything in PHP & HTML and print everything on a nice page sorted by UID etc, but this should get you started.
  7. up-arrow and enter?
  8. EDIT: read your post wrong, lemme get back at ya Edit 2: Pretty sure its in the same file, search for _killSummary and comment that one out. See what that brings.
  9. @MGTDB I did everything you said in the other post, but how did u manage to show the actual ammocount? (the one on the right) because it doesn't show up on our pawnee. Thanks bud
  10. @xstreme I think you have read that wrong, I WAS NOT using infiSTAR's damage handler, but by turning that on, I haven't seen anyone dying (yet). Its something with this script, since I have never had that issue before it. Anyways, that doesn't take away how good your script it though. Lovin' it. So just to be clear, in infiSTAR: class infiSTAR_handleDamage { /* This whole handleDamage does not effect admins! */ enable = "true"; SEEMED to have resolved it. =)
  11. I had the same issue after installing this! However, I seem to have resolved the issue by letting infiSTAR handle all damage instead of Exile. (its in the infiSTAR options). @xstreme Seems like he wasn't the only one on this one.. Very weird issue....
  12. Exilemod Loot Position Creator: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647
  13. Wait, so we need extDB3?
  14. You cannot reverse add them to your eden editor. Gotta start all over, if u wanna make changes. It's harsh, I lost my saved missions yesterday..
  15. @Deiaros Join TS whenever you have time, ill figure it out for ya.