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  1. Yea, ive seen that, thanks =)
  2. Would like to know how to do this too, I don't get where you get the _vehicleObject disableTIEquipment true; from? Thanks bud
  3. Hi there, I was figuring out the same question. I made it work by doing this: 1: click on your vehicle that you have added 2: go to the topbar and click Exile 3: click on Convert into simple object --> you will see your vehicle and a BBQ can on top of that, then make sure you SHIFT-click the can to rotate "the can", this will rotate the vehicle, it will only be visible when you launch your editor file, then export it.
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a method to make our blackmarket traders spawn ONLY and ONLY WHEN there's 20 OR more players online. Is that possible in Exile / ArmA? Where should I start looking? Thanks !
  5. Hi there, Is there any way to spawn a trader on mission completion? Thanks! Edit: or even a normal static trader in within that mission?
  6. UPDATE: That didn't change anything at all, it was a false positive. I still see the fog kicking in HARD now and then, especially early in the morning... I can also see it in our infistar menu. Any solutions?
  7. @infiSTAR Check your PM please =)
  8. @infiSTAR
  9. What do you mean?
  10. Still haven't figured it out, bump <3
  11. Vehicles: In the 3DEN editor, make sure you double click the vehicle and disable simulation and enable simple object. Animations: Source:
  12. I know, I already did the steps you posted in your first post too. I'm not new at debugging It's rather weird that infiSTAR allows this script to run on admins but not on regular players I send him a message, hopefully he has the answer to this.
  13. @Z80CPU Thanks for the reply. I do have a test server, I disabled infistar and the script works 100%. What are my options? I tested it litterally 30s ago.
  14. Good catch! I've tried that but no succes. It has to be something infistar related... Even when I'm not logged in as an admin I can't put them down, but normal players can... The search continues...
  15. Hi there, I changed the customcode for the ExileClient_object_player_event_onFired to this: This basicly doesn't allow players to put mines near our traderzone. Everything works when I'm logged in as ADMIN, but normal players can place them just fine, so it has something to do with infistar.. Any suggestions? Bare in mind that this is just a snippet of the code, I can post the full code too (it looks for our specific tradezone marker and creates a zone around it where people shouldn't be allowed to place down mines) I put a visible circle with that said range and it works 100%, but ONLY when logged in as admin on infiSTAR. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance