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  1. infiSTAR already does this. Just write the SQL command to get the lines out. This is how I do it, I just wrote everything in PHP & HTML and print everything on a nice page sorted by UID etc, but this should get you started.
  2. up-arrow and enter?
  3. EDIT: read your post wrong, lemme get back at ya Edit 2: Pretty sure its in the same file, search for _killSummary and comment that one out. See what that brings.
  4. @MGTDB I did everything you said in the other post, but how did u manage to show the actual ammocount? (the one on the right) because it doesn't show up on our pawnee. Thanks bud
  5. @xstreme I think you have read that wrong, I WAS NOT using infiSTAR's damage handler, but by turning that on, I haven't seen anyone dying (yet). Its something with this script, since I have never had that issue before it. Anyways, that doesn't take away how good your script it though. Lovin' it. So just to be clear, in infiSTAR: class infiSTAR_handleDamage { /* This whole handleDamage does not effect admins! */ enable = "true"; SEEMED to have resolved it. =)
  6. I had the same issue after installing this! However, I seem to have resolved the issue by letting infiSTAR handle all damage instead of Exile. (its in the infiSTAR options). @xstreme Seems like he wasn't the only one on this one.. Very weird issue....
  7. Exilemod Loot Position Creator: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=625259647
  8. Wait, so we need extDB3?
  9. You cannot reverse add them to your eden editor. Gotta start all over, if u wanna make changes. It's harsh, I lost my saved missions yesterday..
  10. @Deiaros Join TS whenever you have time, ill figure it out for ya.
  11. Oh come on Kuplion.. the man wants his 5k..
  12. Np, ofcourse people could rebind the key.. but hey.. can't disable everything haha.
  13. @GamingAtDeathsDoor Np, did it work though?
  14. @Mezo I was thinking if it wouldn't be better if we had it inside the XM8. I'm using ExAd XM8 apps and implemented your bounty system. You can either put it in the OP, or I'll describe the steps here. So for people that want this as a built in app in the XM8 change these files: Config.cpp: inside your class CfgXM8 add "Bounties": Inside your class CfgXM8 add a new class called "Bounties": Inside your MostWanted_Client folder, put a .paa image of your liking. Alternatively, you can change the Notifications.hpp messages to your liking aswel, since default tells you to go and check the office trader. If all went well it should look something like this:
  15. That, or you can disable the "J" key in your Exileclient_hud_event_onKeyDown.sqf ? Check for the _stopPropagation lines and add another line with the code corresponding to the "J" key. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes DIK_J 0x24