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      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

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  1. you have to go in the editor >tools>Configviewer and than you look for everything with rhs_... or what ever you want (NIArsenal it will be hlc_....) you will find it
  2. I realy love your work you did a great job !!!
  3. R4GEDISTRICT | ExileZ Server GER

    Unser EXILEZombies Server ist ein Server des R4GEDISTRICT Clans und enthält außer natürlich EXILE die mods: AdvancedRappelling,AdvancedUrbanRappeling,EnhancedMovement,ASDG_JR,BC-Phoenix,Bloodlust,CBA_A3,JSRS4APEX,NIArsenal,RHSAFRF,Ryanzombies und RZInfectionforExile. Wir würden uns sehr freuen wenn du auf unserem Server vorbei kommst und ihn dir anschaust und uns tipps gibst was wir verbessern können. Falls du noch Leute zum zocken suchst kannst du dich gerne melden die TS IP steht unten, auch über Zuwachs würden wir uns sehr freuen . Wenn du Probleme beim installieren hast dann melde dich bei uns. MFG R4D|Mapache Our EXILEZombies server is a server made by R4GEDISTRICT it contains the mods: AdvancedRappelling,AdvancedUrbanRappeling,EnhancedMovement,ASDG_JR,BC-Phoenix,Bloodlust,CBA_A3,JSRS4APEX,NIArsenal,RHSAFRF,Ryanzombies,RZInfectionforExile and EXILE (of course). We would be very happy if you join and have a look what we could do better. If you need someone to play you can visit us on TeamSpeak you can find the IP below. Please note that we are a German clan and some of us can`t speak english that well :). If you have problems on installing the mods then please contact us Yours sincerely R4D|Mapache
  4. it always say error and i dont know why
  5. Does someon have all item class names ? I looked in the wiki but it isnt completed yet.
  6. im intrested in NOCAP did you fixed it ?
  7. I need help too would be great when someone could post how you deactivate the health system from exile
  8. Hi i tried to install your mod on our dedicadet server it works but when i connect then i spawn and cant move or even disconnect