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  1. so my attempt error : 30 "_event select 1) call CBA_fnc_localEvent; }; }; } forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJIP; ["cba_events_eventJIP", C" repair : !="_event select 1) call CBA_fnc_localEvent;\n};\n};\n} forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJIP;\n\n\n[\"cba_events_eventJIP\", C" is it right ? if it's good? Which line? 32 ?
  2. Unfortunately it perfectly translated translator :-( and what you write must translate that way and sometimes it does not make sense ..... This is my first work with that kind of servers and I'm just a lost :-( maybe I'd worn thin both on the mistake but do not know where to find where then put a patch on which row thank you for everything I give up Yes, and I understand that there can not be tackled just me
  3. unfortunately it can not English so it's bad :-( I do not manage to deal with it but thanks
  4. ok so I am trapped :-( and you must make a server without CUP mod :-( But even so much for your time
  5. sorry I constantly pesters I have another bug :-( #30 "_event select 1) call CBA_fnc_localEvent; }; }; } forEach allVariables cba_events_eventNamespaceJIP; ["cba_events_eventJIP", C"
  6. It makes loading servers .. do not let me to play this is another mistake #21 "call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers '\x\cba\addons\common\XEH_postInit.sqf';"
  7. Thank you still I need advice with #21 "ttings\fnc_init.sqf', 'cba_settings_fnc_init'] call SLX_XEH_COMPILE_NEW; ['\x\cba\addons\settings\fnc_set.sqf', 'cba_settings_fn" I'm afraid those mistakes will be more :-(
  8. helo helped by someone with an error 16.11.2016 22:20:57: _////////////////////////////////////////////////////// - #40 "; cba_common_lastTickTime = diag_tickTime; cba_common_waitAndExecArray = []; cba_common_waitAndExecArrayIsSorted = false; cba_c" and more 16.11.2016 22:49:25: ////////////////////////////////////// - #21 "call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers '\x\cba\addons\common\XEH_postInit.sqf';"
  9. zdravim chtel bych poradit s nastavenim servru kdyz bych chtel pridat mod RHS ... najde se tu nejaky sikula co by mel trpelivost a vedel jak na to a mohl mi poradit ? predem dekuji