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  1. Debug=false SC_maxAIcount=90 SC_maxNumberofVehicles=8 SC_occupyVehicleIgnoreCount = false SC_randomSpawnIgnoreCount = false EDIT: yes..i have 23 roaming vehicles trying to toast my server
  2. I have set Occu to spawn max 8 vehicles on land....now after 2 hours of uptime i have 23....sigh...any ideas?
  3. Im having this issue on my server too...after restart im just waiting for all the players telling what is missing.....sometimes i find it a completely different spot and sometimes its just gone.....
  4. Yeah...also the earthquake tear down ppls bases, so i turned off the quake
  5. hmm....so thats the reason....going to fast....well...i might try advanced sling load again then lol...thx alot for pointing out
  6. Several ppl on my server complains about loosing cars/vehicles using normal exile hook function. A guy just lost 2 vehicles which was lifted by UH60 and 1 with Taru transport....the ropes kinda starts to wobble around and suddenly you see only 2 out of 4 ropes are attached and then it snaps... I uninstalled Advanced lifting cus i thought it might be that mod, but it still does with normal hook function... Any ideas what might cause it? Im ruinning RHS, CUP, adv tow, infiSTAR, EBM, NIArms
  7. He was inside trade zone/safe zone and sold remote from CH-53....all i know...So no glitching...I there is some dupe messages on my screen ingame now and then so i might pay attention and see if anything happens to the player and get back here with info
  8. I updated infiSTAR to 0071 today and i just got a player who froze for 2 min...he said he got a message about duping and then 2 min freeze....How can i prevent that freeze? I have this enabled btw experimental_dupe_check = "true";
  9. I had a similar experience yesterday...BUT that was right after server restart, maybe 30 sec after I was logged in. Opened xm8 to check if the cookbook had the new stuff in it from the resent EBM update and no apps....shut down and reopened xm8 and the apps was there
  10. Great work...fantastic...I installed the Tanoa 2 .pbo mission file..it had only one main trader so i looked into the Tanoa custom 1 and "dragged" the vulcano main trader into it...Im a noob at this but i made it work straight away...Also to add/fix the ExileServer_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleRequest.sqf ...no problem at all....thx again and looking forward to more Gj
  11. Im not a server expert but i think having 3 miilion lines with the error i have posted after just 2 hours does affect server performance
  12. i know hes working on an update soon to be released but dont know the content
  13. same on my server....it even throws tanks and buildings around
  14. Maybe its not map-related, im not able to check that, but now im running the same mods on Tanoa pluss some extra with no issues at all
  15. Have the same issue on my server...campfire killing ppl and throwing tanks and buildings skyhigh lol