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  1. Same problem... Had someone implemented it in his ExAd statsbar?
  2. Thx for your reply... I'll test the malloc param There are a few questions coming up while reading logs... Why crashing after deinitializing shape "C_Soldier_VR_F" (always!)? Why deinitializing a shape when server is running? Which exile or arma script is using "C_Soldier_VR_F"? Why deinitalizing this shape randomly (when the server don't crash in it's expected runtime, this shape was never deinitialized)?
  3. This is imho the same solution... If you set DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI to true, only DMS spawned AI freeze... Helped me out with my APOC and my air patrol...
  4. Hmmm... running ZCP, too. No problem with clean up bombing so far.
  5. Did you get the latest version from git?
  6. DMS config -> Line 443 DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = false; change to "true;"
  7. Not everyone of the server hosters is a scripting expert... You did it and fixed all the problems without the forum, discord or other help? Marvelous! I'm soooo proud of you!! Back to topic... Another day, another core dump... 05:25:08 Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";] Segmentation fault (core dumped) Server crashes randomly... Sometimes after an hour, sometimes after 5 hours... Sometimes it dont crash. When it crashed, allways with the same "deinitialized shape" bevor... But first, the official part: OS: Debian Linux 64bit Hardware: Core i7, 16GB Ram ArmA: latest Version 32bit Exile: 1.0.4a Server rpt: https://pastebin.com/uxwK8XJE Something else? Edit 11:08 : It happend again... 11:03:20 Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  8. If you had 1.0.3 + ExAd VG and want to update to 1.0.4 Exile VG then use the following SQL statements on your database: ALTER TABLE vehicle ADD `nickname` varchar(64) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' AFTER `territory_id`; ALTER TABLE vehicle ADD KEY `vehicle_ibfk_2_idx` (`territory_id`); ALTER TABLE vehicle ADD CONSTRAINT `vehicle_ibfk_2` FOREIGN KEY (`territory_id`) REFERENCES `territory` (`id`) ON DELETE CASCADE; UPDATE vehicle SET nickname=id WHERE territory_id IS NOT NULL; Then open @ExileServer/extDB/sql_custom_v2/exile.ini and edit this (line 643 "markDeleteOldVehicles") into this If you started your server bevor this change... use this on your database UPDATE vehicle SET deleted_at = NULL WHERE territory_id IS NOT NULL;
  9. Think u have to add the right picture to your traderconfig where "picturething" is the right name of the small safe picture or item. Don't know these trader script.
  10. @Beowulfv Seems I was a few seconds too late...
  11. Try this: class CfgPoptabStorage { class Exile_Container_Safe_Small { max = 62500; }; class Exile_Container_Safe { max = 125000; }; };
  12. @geekm0nkey Set "DMS_ai_freeze_Only_DMS_AI = false;" to "true" in DMS config and it will work.
  13. Not necessarily... If the vehicle don't become a deleted_at date from "last_updated_at-check", it won't be deleted.
  14. That's right... But i'm thinking that everyone who is updating 1.0.3 -> 1.0.4 take the new exile.ini and don't do the edits that are in the ExAd master... So most of the people will get the problem that vehicles suddenly disappear from VG...
  15. ah... your right... my fault... but the exile garbage collection is wrong anyway