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  1. Had someone updated his exile server with the new ArmA (sub)version? Are there any bugs expected?
  2. ;-) While installing my first ArmA Server in 2016 I followed your install guide too to get ArmA running on Debian 7. In my own attemps I struggled with the wrong libc version and were looking for a workaround... I found it in your post. My server still running with debian 7 smooth and stable. Only the mobile XM8 stuff doesn't work and crash the server if you enable it. I think it don't use the fixed libraries...
  3. First of all... @Exile and @ExileServer... Both not found by your server. Make sure there are the right dirs in the right subdirs... Directory names are case sensitiv in linux!!!! Second... Have a look at the right file permissions ond choose the right owner/group... If you dont get it working, try some helping scripts like LGSM
  4. Yeah... You did it! :-D Great work!!! Are you now the flying Dutchman?
  5. Last evening I talked to @eraser1 in discord. He told me that it can give u performance issues because of the amount of buildings placed by DMS (slums, saltflats). He merged a few scripts and updated the master branch in github... Doors are now working with changed scripts and new dynamic simulation call... The /objects/static/ files ned a rework too. @eraser1 changed saltflats allready, slums i did on my own and set all buildings with animations to "true". Works fine!! Again many thanks to eraser1 for the fast changes yesterday evening.
  6. Is this still the only way to fix the problem? And what is the disadvantage of enabling the simulations global? Anyone knows?
  7. Thx for your reply, just wanna answer to myself. Indeed, gutting was missing in my config.cpp. class Animal { targetType = 2; target = "Exile_Animal_Abstract"; class Actions { class Gut: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Gut Animal"; condition = "!(alive ExileClientInteractionObject) && (ExileClientInteractionObject getVariable ['CanBeGutted', false])"; action = "['GutAnimal', ExileClientInteractionObject] call ExileClient_action_execute"; }; }; }; Thx @4mbu5h for the hint and the lines via discord...
  8. I answer myself The faster way is editing the initServer.sqf in mission file. Hope I found all relevant buildings for the Altis trader... Line 3 - Land_CarService_F Line 215 - Land_i_Shed_Ind_F Line 250 - Land_i_Shop_01_V1_F Line 253 - Land_City_Gate_F Line 255 - Land_Kiosk_redburger_F Line 275 - Land_CarService_F Line 341 - Land_GH_House_2_F
  9. Put a "bans.txt" file in your be-folder. touch bans.txt Pay attention to the right owner and file permissions. If necessary change... chown yourexileserveruser:yourexileserverusergroup bans.txt chmod 644 bans.txt Attention! Filename is case-sensitive! "Bans.txt" is not "bans.txt".
  10. Hmmm ok... So I have to edit it with the 3den Editor, right? Or is there a faster way to do this? Hoped that was fixed globally with the Exile 1.0.3 update.
  11. After upgrading Arma & Exile (Arma 1.66/Exile 1.0.2 -> Arma 1.70/Exile 1.0.3) the doors at the north and the west trader of Altis are still not opening. All other doors (towns/military/base/missions) seemed to be ok. Thought this bugs were fixed or do I miss something out?
  12. Gutting on my updated server is not working. Animals can be killed, but not gutted with equiped knife. There´s no mouse-menu entry. Can anyone help to get this feature running?
  13. Ahhh... Found my error... With updating the exile.ini my changes got lost... damn!
  14. Same problem here. After Update to Exile 1.0.3 vehicles stored in the VG (and DB is imho updated correctly (territory_id is set in vehicles table)) spawn after server restart. No errors in the extDB2 logs. If you fetch the vehicle out of the VG, it spawns in the vehicle that appears after restart (and both explode), if you delete the spawned vehicle, the VG is empty, too. Or is this an arma issue comming with 1.68 and above? Because we update directly from 1.66/1.0.2 to 1.70/1.0.3...