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  1. Hi all im looking for a AI script please as i feel the current one (Occupation) isnt full filling my needs? are there any others around. Roaming AI is what i want and the current script just isnt working. Thank you
  2. will i have to install the original Exad and then have this installed or is this completely different to Exad with the install terms?
  3. will this work with the latest version of 1.0.4?
  4. may i see?
  5. ah right im just looking at other Exile communites you got a website
  6. Thats what ryan stated... http://prntscr.com/isttbk
  7. they stole scripts form other servers
  8. Have you got a website?
  9. will try ty
  10. these are the only votes i have voteMissionPlayers = 200; //number of players required before voting can happen (default disabled, aka higher than player count) voteThreshold = 200; //percentage of players that need to vote on something for a vote to pass, default 200, meaning that voting is not possible
  11. Hi all, some little poos voted me off the server then voted themselves as admins using this http://prntscr.com/ipj6cp does anyone have an idea on how to disable this feature? Thank you
  12. Does this still work with Exile version 1.0.4?
  13. @StokesMagee Everything is linked to the database as i use a host provider, will i need to reformat the data base?
  14. @Papawolf I know need to change that for the silencer as thats the silencer when you spawn in, Thank you
  15. @StokesMagee I have copied an pasted the @ExileSever directly downloaded and added in my Addons to it. I have launched the server and now getting this error. No idea why it was running 1.0.3 instead of the 1.0.4 17:27:05 Warning: 1006 ms spent in callExtension calling name: "extDB2", function: "9:ADD_DATABASE:exile" 17:27:05 "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!" 17:27:05 "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong." 17:27:05 "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Could not add database: [0,""Database Exception Error""]" 17:27:05 "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :(" Any ideas would be great thank you