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  1. Im struggling to find it so they do not spawn during the day is there a way to do this?
  2. Yeah that may be the case is there a way to make it so they only come out at night?
  3. Thank you for I will save it my community is very divided when it comes to zombies some want it some don't its tricky
  4. Phantom Gaming Chernarus

    This is a non-Profit Exile server which will be here for a while. We have active and friendly staff who also enjoy playing exile as well as helping out players with problems they could have. Its 24hr, with very little down time for maintenance. Visit the website or join the teamspeak if you want anything adding or have any questions
  5. Hi can anyone link me the official server files for the Ryan's Zombies and demons and tell me if there is a way to make it so they only come out at night time? or are they constant? Thank you (Anything helps
  6. Does anyone have a Igi-load config file for trucks, off-roads and helis to be able to load crates in? For the following mods: CUP. RHS, Exile. as for me there are alot of vehicles that cant load crates when they should?
  7. Right will do that now, Sorry about all the questions new to learning about making servers
  8. Dont suppose you know how many of those files contains the crates section? Is it all of them or just individual file?
  9. Hi in order for crates to load into vehicles using igi-load does anyone know how to change the gear creats and all the dms missions from a "cargonet_01_box_f" to a "_I_supplycrate_F" Any help would be good thanks
  10. f
  11. I just re-did the PBO onto the server and used the rope and now its working cheers mate
  12. Thats what i did however it wont allow me to physically deploy the ropes but gives me the scroll wheel option? its inclided in my server addons http://prntscr.com/fmdj9o
  13. Sorry again can u just explain this in a better way "3. Optionally, this can be installed directly in the mission PBO by calling the advanced towing script via initServer.sqf. You'll find the sqf script (fn_advancedTowingInit.sqf) in the addons directory inside the downloaded addon."
  14. Thank you mate much appreciated
  15. Also are there any installation steps? as i Have put the PBO on the server addons, the scroll wheek works but i cant seem to be able to actually see them nor connect them at all?