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  1. Hi i never ended up getting the file has anyone else got a Takistan mission PBO?
  2. Thats fine
  3. Hi all im struggling to find an actual downloadable takistan files to create a server can anyone help me out please? (Mp Missions one) Cheers
  4. Is this still being worked on. The link does not work?
  5. Thats great thank you
  6. metal i would use the Exad one however i just need a stats bar as i dont mind which one it is.
  7. Thats the problem i installed the status bar and i have installed the AI script my kuplion therefore i dont know which was the problem. I added them both and i couldn't see anything on my map so i unistalled the AI and i have the same problem but only when i zoom out the map to a certain point you can see my fault. Therefore i do not know which one is causing the error.
  8. @hogansheroes Yes the server is public its called prestige gaming. Type "Prestige gaming" on the a3l launcher to find it or the server information can be found here. Any help would be great https://officialprestige.enjin.com/exile
  9. @Super Jerome When i logged in With these addons the status bar is working btw thank you for the link however if you see the screenshot something has gone seriously wrong. Have you got any fix for this? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1336473492
  10. Thank you for both of them
  11. Roaming AI to go towards players interact with them better kill them and be less glitch occupation i cant get the roaming to work. Im going to use the other script and see if thats better.
  12. @Super Jerome is there an page with this mod on. Also i noticed updated Exad to be 1.0.4 compatible, I dont suppose there is a way for me to just download he status bar without all the other stuff? thank you
  13. Hi all im looking for a AI script please as i feel the current one (Occupation) isnt full filling my needs? are there any others around. Roaming AI is what i want and the current script just isnt working. Thank you
  14. will i have to install the original Exad and then have this installed or is this completely different to Exad with the install terms?
  15. will this work with the latest version of 1.0.4?