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  1. Is it possible the following line causes this issue? // File: R3F_LOG/addons_config/Exile.sqf // Line: 7 if (isClass (configfile >> "CfgPatches" >> "AiA_Core")) then While installing this on my own server I had similiar problems. After changing "AiA_Core" to "exile_server", everything worked fine for me.
  2. Did you add the ClaimVehicle interaction in CfgInteractionsMenu -> Car in your config.cpp, as mentioned by the OP in the starting post? On Github there is also an EXAMPLE_Config.cpp.
  3. [GER] CookieProjects | Zombies

    This is a german server with ExileZ2, DMS Missions and High FPS. The server is currently in beta state and still under development. Needed Addons Exile 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi" Ryanzombies