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  1. Cool. Well anything that gains extra hype for Exile is a good thing. Hopefully it brings some us fresh meat. And since PUBG sucks, I'll be giving Escape a go. Thanks for responding
  2. Not to downplay your efforts, I'm interested in any new content from you guys, and I know that coding and development of new content takes a lots of time and effort. So I'm just curious as to why you've decided to dedicate time to getting in on the PUBG/Battle royal hype, when you could put time into future proofing Exile and working towards a transition to a platform that isn't on deaths door (Arma 3). Again, no disrespected intended, the project does sound interesting, even if it does lack the originality of vanilla Exile.
  3. Because Exile
  4. I hear you there, they lost an insane amount of their community by dragging their heels. Myself included I think the hype train is back on due to this update though. And to be fair to them, it is looking rather good, depsite still lacking end game content. I'm not that arsed for vanilla DayZ, but an Exile mod on that engine would definitely have me crawling back
  5. Locking thread in 3.. 2.. 1..
  6. What do you think!? lol
  7. Glad to hear. I know it's been brought up before, but you guys should so do a stand alone !! I think there's a hell of a lot of gamers out there waiting for that one survival game to come along that ticks all the boxes. I think that Exile, with streamlined mechanics and a better looking engine would be that game. I mean, the entire current Exile community would buy it on early access. That's a pretty good start, I don't doubt it would gain a lot of interest
  8. Ha, completely get what you're saying. PUBG does feel pretty arcadey. I mean, I kinda hate how the characters run with their guns And despite being based off Arma, it does feel a little lacking in some areas. But, it is still pretty fun to dip into the odd round for some action. I don't honestly think an imitation Exile pubg mod would steal away any of Exile's hardcore fan base. I mean, mods and other games have come and gone, but Exile has remained a lot of people's main game, and for good reason (including mine). But you can't deny pubg's fan base has become pretty huge. And with modding on the horizon, and Exile being such a good survival formula, I feel that any mod that resembles Exile would do extremely well. Especially since pubg seems to be acting as a gateway to the survival genre for a lot of people.
  9. You definitely have a point about the AI, I doubt there is anything in place already, so it would be coding from the ground up. As you say, it doesn't currently have the same level of add-ons as Arma for an Exile style mod, but I don't doubt that the unreal engine could handle the assets. I think it's already proved itself on this front. It just needs time for the modding community to facilitate it. Ha, nice Rust reference btw.. it does suck so hard
  10. Had a look around some forums, and basically other modders ARE going to make an exile style mod for PUBG when it's open to modding, which is coming soon. Not to teach the exile devs how to suck eggs, but if you don't get in there first, you will be ripped off, which would be a shame as I love Exile.
  11. Sounds like a +1 for a stonealone
  12. Exile does deserve to be on a better engine. It's pretty much the best survival game made to date. I know Arma was pioneering, but we all know it sucks, and would be dead if it wasn't for all the awesome mods. If Exile can't go standalone, I definitely vote it gets modded from a game on a better engine. If the game's open to modding then surely Exile could be made on it, even if it was from from the ground up. Not that it wouldn't be a bitch to do, but a revamp on a 'hip and happening' game would probably earn the Exile staff some popularity and serious dollar $$$
  13. Lost some of the funniest bits of footage from our little encounter with Patrick. Still, pretty funny