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  1. So every now and then EXO allow their admins to host mini events. Here's the lastest
  2. Bit of a long intro, but I have to build some narrative right
  3. Start a separate EXO features thread dude.. 'cause why not
  4. RIP GMG!! still, who needs it right
  5. See... Bastards!!! Go fuck them people!! Get on EXO Taki and head to the south west. Every base you see is theirs
  6. eZ .. AKA, the bastards of Takistan! Watch out plebs, they have no morals
  7. Ha wow, cheers dude! I just enjoy editing together videos really, for the memories and all that. I do 'try' keep it short and sweet, pick out the bits of action, and the bits that tickle me. N yea, I know the music isn't for everyone, but at the end of the day I just try make stuff that me and my friends will enjoy, and if other people happen to like it then it's a bonus... I do like a community vibe. Thanks Boblob
  8. Everyone is super stoked that you guys are back in business, it's big news!! Exile will live on for a long time I think. It's filled a gap in the survival market that is accessible and offers serious longevity of play. I've never been so emotionally invested in a game. Whatever server you play on, just having the ability to own a little piece of it, and build your own little empire in a multiplayer environment is just the best!! Its super immersive, and gives servers their own kind of culture, depending on behaviour of big groups. It's an awesome environment to play in, and you've nailed it. And now you've incorporated Edict , you're catering to the hardcore market as well! So yea... I think people are pretty happy! I'll be donating as soon as I get some dollars
  9. Just wondering, does the donation amount role over and fill the next months target? I was holding off on donating to help meet next months target, but if it rolls over, I might as well just donate. (Well, on pay day!)
  10. Take note all you wannabe pilots
  11. I'll shurrup now.. Getting too comfortable aren't I !! haha It's been a slow day and I can't help but post
  12. @CaptainCuddles They haven't told you, but everybody wants this... Honest, the entire community told me so. And Crunch gave me a pinkie promise!! Absolutely none of this is a lie
  13. Aww damn, all those +100s ... Almost not worth the grenades you ended them with lol