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  1. What do you think!? lol
  2. Glad to hear. I know it's been brought up before, but you guys should so do a stand alone !! I think there's a hell of a lot of gamers out there waiting for that one survival game to come along that ticks all the boxes. I think that Exile, with streamlined mechanics and a better looking engine would be that game. I mean, the entire current Exile community would buy it on early access. That's a pretty good start, I don't doubt it would gain a lot of interest
  3. Ha, completely get what you're saying. PUBG does feel pretty arcadey. I mean, I kinda hate how the characters run with their guns And despite being based off Arma, it does feel a little lacking in some areas. But, it is still pretty fun to dip into the odd round for some action. I don't honestly think an imitation Exile pubg mod would steal away any of Exile's hardcore fan base. I mean, mods and other games have come and gone, but Exile has remained a lot of people's main game, and for good reason (including mine). But you can't deny pubg's fan base has become pretty huge. And with modding on the horizon, and Exile being such a good survival formula, I feel that any mod that resembles Exile would do extremely well. Especially since pubg seems to be acting as a gateway to the survival genre for a lot of people.
  4. You definitely have a point about the AI, I doubt there is anything in place already, so it would be coding from the ground up. As you say, it doesn't currently have the same level of add-ons as Arma for an Exile style mod, but I don't doubt that the unreal engine could handle the assets. I think it's already proved itself on this front. It just needs time for the modding community to facilitate it. Ha, nice Rust reference btw.. it does suck so hard
  5. Had a look around some forums, and basically other modders ARE going to make an exile style mod for PUBG when it's open to modding, which is coming soon. Not to teach the exile devs how to suck eggs, but if you don't get in there first, you will be ripped off, which would be a shame as I love Exile.
  6. Sounds like a +1 for a stonealone
  7. Exile does deserve to be on a better engine. It's pretty much the best survival game made to date. I know Arma was pioneering, but we all know it sucks, and would be dead if it wasn't for all the awesome mods. If Exile can't go standalone, I definitely vote it gets modded from a game on a better engine. If the game's open to modding then surely Exile could be made on it, even if it was from from the ground up. Not that it wouldn't be a bitch to do, but a revamp on a 'hip and happening' game would probably earn the Exile staff some popularity and serious dollar $$$
  8. These tree infested missions man
  9. Lost some of the funniest bits of footage from our little encounter with Patrick. Still, pretty funny
  10. Zero skill displayed or required...
  11. Who here on this forum is hard enough!? What's the matter... Chicken !?? As you can see, we're battle ready
  12. Coming back to Arma and finding the bugs are back to being a novelty
  13. So every now and then EXO allow their admins to host mini events. Here's the lastest
  14. Bit of a long intro, but I have to build some narrative right
  15. Start a separate EXO features thread dude.. 'cause why not
  16. RIP GMG!! still, who needs it right
  17. See... Bastards!!! Go fuck them people!! Get on EXO Taki and head to the south west. Every base you see is theirs
  18. eZ .. AKA, the bastards of Takistan! Watch out plebs, they have no morals
  19. Ha wow, cheers dude! I just enjoy editing together videos really, for the memories and all that. I do 'try' keep it short and sweet, pick out the bits of action, and the bits that tickle me. N yea, I know the music isn't for everyone, but at the end of the day I just try make stuff that me and my friends will enjoy, and if other people happen to like it then it's a bonus... I do like a community vibe. Thanks Boblob
  20. Just wondering, does the donation amount role over and fill the next months target? I was holding off on donating to help meet next months target, but if it rolls over, I might as well just donate. (Well, on pay day!)
  21. Everyone is super stoked that you guys are back in business, it's big news!! Exile will live on for a long time I think. It's filled a gap in the survival market that is accessible and offers serious longevity of play. I've never been so emotionally invested in a game. Whatever server you play on, just having the ability to own a little piece of it, and build your own little empire in a multiplayer environment is just the best!! Its super immersive, and gives servers their own kind of culture, depending on behaviour of big groups. It's an awesome environment to play in, and you've nailed it. And now you've incorporated Edict , you're catering to the hardcore market as well! So yea... I think people are pretty happy! I'll be donating as soon as I get some dollars
  22. Take note all you wannabe pilots
  23. I'll shurrup now.. Getting too comfortable aren't I !! haha It's been a slow day and I can't help but post
  24. So glad to hear Exile is back in business. It really does kick the shit out of every other ARMA mod. ...I'd like to make a request if I can, and maybe see if other people feel that same; Basically, I want to headshot someone with my fist for a change So.... Who wants a fight !? MELEE !!!!!!!!!!