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  1. Well, people like but nobody has thanked him Thnx man!
  2. So i saw some people still have issues getting a proper automatic restart batch file so im sharing mine. I created this one with the work from @tinboye which can be found at: https://github.com/tinboye/Steam_workshop_scripts It uses the same system to update the mods and server. Just created a batch file that automatically restarts the server and can update the server and if needed runs a separate file to update the mods and keys. Edit: Currently it's set to check for updates every [6] restarts, if you have set it to automatically shutdown after 4 hours it will mean it checks everyday for updates... Download at: Here Readme is inside.
  3. or, get the spawn vehicle on AVS to work or even get the persistent vehicle spawner from reborn.
  4. You need to adjust the claim vehicle script to let it allow that people are able to claim vehicles wit h your uid. Claim vehicles has a little check on line 33 - 35. if !((_vehicle getVariable "ExileOwnerUID") isEqualTo "PRESISTENT") then { throw "This vehicle is already claimed!"; }; Change the presistent to whatever you like, in your case your uid and a include a check for other spawned vehicles if its needed.
  5. then write it yourself cuz there aint any
  6. Goodluck with digging tru the code i guess
  7. If you are looking for Reborn, google it.
  8. Not, zombie brains are handled by Ryan Zombies, unless you create something to forcefully overwrite the behavior you are not gonna be able to change it.
  9. It's in the first post... why the hell repeat it multiple times ?
  10. Can i say "Fuck off" ? Also, you never got banned.. Oh wait he got banned... maybe already unbanned or my discord is messing up
  11. It may be possible to adjust the Revive Mod from MEZO to include the AI as well.
  12. Ok, that is just plain bullshit..... There is actually a wages script on the forum, you just need to search a little bit more.
  13. You most likely didn't download the Zombie Branch then.
  14. Maybe include the blacklist checks for that as well. Nice temp fix but it takes away the "harassing zombies"
  15. *poof gone* *magic*