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  1. He didnt solve anything yet. We're working on it.
  2. BI had the same issue in the development and RC builds, they knew it and released it anyway. The bug is known, reported and will be, or not to be, fixed ( soon/sonish ) . For the people who wanna complain about it: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T124761 And besides that: Wait with updating linux servers to 1.70! @LangeBlonds @Alpy
  3. Maybe we should report this to BIS? I actually don't have a clue how to do that properly but it might be good to let them know.
  4. Something like that could also be done by changing Claim non-presistent vehicle mod for example? I thought about ( eventually ) trying to do that so ppl are able to claim them when they do not get destroyed ( 50/50 chance) and take them with m..
  5. Well i saw this myself a few times already and if you need somebody to test @IT07, i'll be happy to help you out! But i must add, I do not see the issue with: 3. Players can take possession of the helicopter, even if the setting is disabled.In the settings of the mission, nothing has changed. The only thing I did was add line _hmg call EPOCH_server_setVToken; to file fn_spawnInvasionAI.sqf so that static MGs did not disappear when the player approached. I atleast dont have that particular issue on my server, yet!
  6. Newer version:
  7. Persistent Time and Weather Script Original work by MajorXAce! Updated and Upgraded for all to enjoy! and 64bit compatibility! Since the thread owner MajorXAce has been afk since October 2016, i had approached DirtySanchez aka =RAV=MusTanG from donkeypunch to help me get this running since nobody in the original thread seemed to have a working ( without malfunction ) version. So basically what he did was making it work again to fill the db if empty and actually save the stuff to the db. To quote: [Removed] profileNameSpace usage [Upgrade] New ini entry for checking known database id. [Upgrade] Database checks in initServer.sqf for the configured PTWS_ID. [Added] ptws_x64.ini for 64bit compatible servers Little information: Since MajorXAce no longer is gonna put any time into this script any future updates will be handled here. MajorXAce will still allow merge requests so his github will stay up 2 date but support here please! -Snip- No links to DP/his Github till he removes our copyrighted work. Credits for update: DirtySanchez aka =RAV=MusTanG from donkeypunch! Credits for original work go to: MajorXAce And the ones that helped him get his script running! You can find the original thread HERE
  8. Do you have a SQL for the table content? would like to have it, have the same issue but the table wont get updated...
  9. Looks like we completely revived this little mod topic when i asked you for a re-upload ^^, @kuplion
  10. If you would be so kind so share that it would be awesome! just in case you do, im gonna subscribe to you..
  11. Have the same issue, needed to disable allot of stuff to avoid getting that. Also allot of logs about Spectate Hack thats complete bullshit cuz it happens to players on my server that i know in real life that absolute not hack! I saw a couple of other posts about ppl getting kicked and banned that seemed to have a similar kinda look and i really hope Chris can do something about this.
  12. Did you made that up? x'D
  13. i keep getting this error: 3:57:43 Deinitialized shape [Class: "I_C_Soldier_Para_5_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_exp\syndikat\i_c_soldier_para_5_f.p3d";] 3:57:44 ../lib/Network/networkServer.cpp ClearNetServer:NOT IMPLEMENTED - briefing! 3:57:46 String id 2382 is not registered 3:57:46 terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Poco::SystemException' what(): System exception WATCHDOG (3752): [Fri Mar 24 03:57:59 CET 2017] Server died, waiting to restart... WATCHDOG (3752): [Fri Mar 24 03:57:59 CET 2017] Server died, killing watchdog and restarting... WATCHDOG (3752): [Fri Mar 24 03:57:59 CET 2017] Killing watchdog pid: [3752]
  14. I got the same problem at #shutdown. Crazy crash about a poco handler?