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  1. Not, zombie brains are handled by Ryan Zombies, unless you create something to forcefully overwrite the behavior you are not gonna be able to change it.
  2. It's in the first post... why the hell repeat it multiple times ?
  3. Can i say "Fuck off" ? Also, you never got banned.. Oh wait he got banned... maybe already unbanned or my discord is messing up
  4. It may be possible to adjust the Revive Mod from MEZO to include the AI as well.
  5. Ok, that is just plain bullshit..... There is actually a wages script on the forum, you just need to search a little bit more.
  6. You most likely didn't download the Zombie Branch then.
  7. Maybe include the blacklist checks for that as well. Nice temp fix but it takes away the "harassing zombies"
  8. *poof gone* *magic*
  9. *poof gone* *magic*
  10. *poof gone* *magic*
  11. He didnt solve anything yet. We're working on it.
  12. Maybe we should report this to BIS? I actually don't have a clue how to do that properly but it might be good to let them know.
  13. Something like that could also be done by changing Claim non-presistent vehicle mod for example? I thought about ( eventually ) trying to do that so ppl are able to claim them when they do not get destroyed ( 50/50 chance) and take them with m..
  14. Well i saw this myself a few times already and if you need somebody to test @IT07, i'll be happy to help you out! But i must add, I do not see the issue with: 3. Players can take possession of the helicopter, even if the setting is disabled.In the settings of the mission, nothing has changed. The only thing I did was add line _hmg call EPOCH_server_setVToken; to file fn_spawnInvasionAI.sqf so that static MGs did not disappear when the player approached. I atleast dont have that particular issue on my server, yet!
  15. Should not be, i have RHS: USAF myself so there must be a misconfiguration.