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  1. Hallo Riker2335 For the first thank you very much for the fast replay! Okay i will look around in http://www.exilemod.com/servers/ p.s. Nah the strange thing was that other server get really faster an approval. I dont wanna cry please dont missanderstand me I got time but i wonder! I thank you very much.
  2. Good Evening lovely Exile Community =) I excuse my self for my bad grammar skill in the language. And i am really sure i post in the wrong Thread. But for me, it was not really clear, where i must post my problem! -snip- For over 2 weeks i registration my server here in the forum under "SERVERS" but i think iam too stupid. Server Status stands on Pending Approval What have i doing wrong.? Thank you for your attention Lovly greetings STALKER
  3. Yea the Zones run now only over mission.sqm I think your problem is that you cant get the hight cord. ATM i got the same problem! Early was it better over the Server_Conig Now i can adjust the borderoutline but it have no attenion on the radius of the Radiationzones.!? I build a Camp on Green Mountain. The problem what i got is that the Radiationzones Directly under the sphere of Green Mountain. It is under the ground but i cant lift it over the Coordinates.... when i put in the hight coord on the "0" {3707.87,0,5982.38}; The whole zone drops down to the see. But its nothing change in the hight!!! A Sphere is not a 2D Marker ? I dont understandt what they do with the marker.?! I mean the zones are working but 1 of 3 are in the ground. class Item17 { dataType = "Marker"; position[]= {3707.87,0,5982.38}; name="ContaminatedZoneGreenMountain"; text=""; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileContaminatedZone"; colorName="ColorBlack"; fillName="Border"; a=400; b=400; drawBorder = 1; id = 116; atlOffset = 0; }; please excuse my terrible english.
  4. [EN/DE] Survival Instinct

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prewords: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We miss the good ol times of Arma 2 DayZ. In 2016 we start our first Server. Now we are back with a fresh own server. With really nice performance. And a motivated Admin to bring and keep it alive. Survival Instinct is an Hardcore Survival PVP Server! We use Chernarus because the best Map that ever made. For this scenario of an Zombie apocalypse! In the main time you keep your body fit. Dont get sick or broken legs Running in front of zombies. Dont take headshots from Snipers. And loot the trash out of the old world! Cars are mostly broken like choppers and need repair and a new lock. You can not buy vehicles or equip from the Trader. We got one Trader but, he sells only compensation stuff! All what you want, must found by you. Repair your Vehicels with an exelent repair script. Armed vehicles and choppers must get robbed from the Missions. You can craft a lil amount of the to but! you will need a many tokens for this. They get dropped by nps. WE OFFER A OPPRESSIVE WORLD! FULL OF LOVLEY CORNORS AND CREEPY ENVIRONMENT! We invite you to join us for a lot of fun like the good old days. I hope we see us there. Server IP: For a smoothly connection to our server, please use the A3Launcher! FOR MORE INFORMATION SCROLL DOWN PLEASE! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scripts: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clear Radiation Screen Filter Announce Base payment Anonym Killfeed Building Blocker for restrictet areas Custom Vehicle Repair Custom Loadout Custom Mission System DMS Claim Vehicles with Codelock Death Black Screen Helicrashsite IGILoad Tow and Hook System Loot Splitter Mod Checker No Spawn choice screen Random Spawn Location Status Bar in Arma 2 Look Suicide Blocker for 3 minutes after suicide Temperature System Vehicle Rearm at Gasstations Working Fuel Source Working Water Pumps XM-8 Apps Recipes Over 200 Recipes and many many more... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Required mods: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Exile Extended Base Mod CDAH Mod Pack CUP Core CUP Maps CBA A3 CUP Units CUP Weapons CUP Vehicels Open Chernarus Project A2 Walkers Vehicle Pack RDS Civil Pack TRYK Multi Play Uniform Pack Zombies and Demons ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Connection Data: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Server IP: Teamspeak: Steamgroup: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Survival-Instinct-Server For a smoothly connection to our server, please use the A3Launcher! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With friendly wishes S.T.Λ.L.K.Σ.R aka. L.O.N.Σ.S.T.Λ.R Greetings from Chernarus! We shoot us there. . .