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  1. i found the problem. when i installed cup weapons it was a one-click install from my server host and even though it said it was installed i could not find it in the weapons at all so im reinstalling. sorry for wasteing your time
  2. ok i will but it says this when i tried too buy a optic bad vehicle type CUP_optic_NSPU
  3. i know there are instructions already but ppl are saying they are outdated and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to ?
  4. cup weapons are invisible at the traders and but have a price tag with no pic of the weapon i have cup weapons included as shown here and they are also in the cfgtraders as shown here
  5. yeah i fixed it! thx for the help <3
  6. everything works fine when NIarms is not included
  7. still getting this should i just remove these from the muzzle attachments as they are not muzzle attachments?