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  1. It was great
  2. Yes, you need to use extDB3, just set it up via the link below:
  3. First of all you have to download the 3DEN plugin from the link below: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ After that create a folder in your game directory and name it whatever you want to (For example: "@ExileEditor") and simply paste the content of the downloaded file into the created folder and load it via the ArmA 3 launcher. (Copy the addons folder inside the archive and paste it into your new created folder or you can just change the name of the "@Exile" folder inside of your downloaded archive to something else.) Now simply open the game up and start the 3DEN Editor and you'll see a new tab named "Exile". For more information about how to implement your created objects into your mission file and etc, take a look here:
  4. [HoU] Iran's Local Exile

    This is Iran's Local server and it's main language is Persian. Some of our features: High FPS Server Zombies AI Missions using DMS DayZ style heli-crashes New factions for players (U.S. Marine) Active staff Using InfiSTAR admin tools and anti-hack Player rewards Roaming AI
  5. It was great, I think it's one of the best servers in Exile, if you haven't played on this server yet so don't waste your time and just simply join it.