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  1. Aussieland thanks so much!!! I look forward to it!
  2. Ah my apologies. Please do use the quote functionality next time so we know who you are directing. Thanks.
  3. Wow talk about someone who is really ignorant. Try putting in none static strings and see if you can get it to work. Static strings work fine, but with strings such as rearm it queries the code and generates a new string each time a new object is acted upon. Same thing with halo jump. Read and think before you post. Lastly when did I say it needed fixing? Go away troll. Thank you.
  4. I appreciate the help. If this is a new anti-hack feature. I want to have it setup properly on the get go. Instead of disabling it. Currently I have it configured to allow most of my action menu mods, but I have no idea how to make infistar allow dynamic title names instead of static ones. If @infiSTAR you can shed some light that would be awesome.
  5. @infiSTAR Hi I have a bit of a dilemma. I am able to get other action mods to be allowed through infistar, but there are two I can not figure out how to add to inifistar allowed actions. Exad parachute and halo jump and rearm mod. They both use format to make their title. Any ideas on how to add their titles to the list? Thanks! ExAd_ACTION_PARACHUTE = player addaction [format["<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />%1</t>", localize "STR_ExAd_HALOPARACHUTE_ACTIONS_PARACHUTE"], {[] spawn ExAd_fnc_pullParachute}, [], 6, true, true, "", "call ExAd_fnc_showParachute"]; ExAd_ACTION_EJECT = player addaction [format["<t color='#E48A36'><img image='\a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\CommunicationMenu\supplydrop_ca.paa' />%1</t>", localize "STR_ExAd_HALOPARACHUTE_ACTIONS_HALO"], {call ExAd_fnc_ejectPlayer}, [], 6, false, true, "", "call ExAd_fnc_showEject;"]; _actionTitle = [format["Repair %1",getText (configFile >> "Cfgvehicles" >> typeOf _vehicle >> "displayName")], _costs] call _fnc_actionTitle; SP_repair_action = _vehicle addAction [format["<img size='1.5'image='\a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Cursors\iconrepairvehicle_ca.paa'/> %1",_actionTitle], _folder + "service_point_repair.sqf", [_servicePoint, _costs, _repair_repairTime], -1, false, true, "", _actionCondition]; _actionTitle = [format["Rearm %1 %2 with %3", _weaponName,_curturret,_ammoname], _costs] call _fnc_actionTitle; SP_rearm_action = _vehicle addAction [format["<img size='1.5'image='\a3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\WeaponIcons\mg_ca.paa'/> %1",_actionTitle], _folder + "service_point_rearm.sqf", [_servicePoint, _costs, [_weaponName,_ammoclass,_ammoname,_GlobalMagazineMAX,_deny_already_armed_with,_curturret]], -1, false, true, "", _actionCondition]; SP_rearm_actions set [count SP_rearm_actions, SP_rearm_action];
  6. RPT: http://pastebin.com/sH2KU96u Has anyone been able to figure out what is causing this or how to fix it? Or even how to disable it from logging? Or work arounds?
  7. RPT: http://pastebin.com/sH2KU96u Has this issue been fixed yet? Or has anyone been able to figure out a work around or a way to disable this log lines?
  8. @Super Jerome You are correct good sir! It just so happens GTXGaming and I had run into a rare circumstance which I can confirm was a one off issue. Since then my experience has been amazing. Support is the best you can get.
  9. Exilez.pbo causes server to not start. Has ryan zombies and exilez been fixed? Or how can I make it work?
  10. Pedro, Thank you for the response. I saw your response in the support ticket as well. I am going to test GTXGaming service and product to see if this really was a once off issue. I will reconsider my post at a later date with more testing. Refer to OP.
  11. Thank you for the link! Definitely going to give a review! Refer to OP.
  12. Thanks! I'll have to do that. I'll try with QGS and see what happens. Refer to OP.
  13. My initial experience with Gtx Gaming. So far it has been false advertisement and frustration. They advertise instant server setup and and fast customer service. Both have proven to be false. It has been many many hours and have heard no reply as to why it is taking so long. Basically they took my money and got nothing in return. I will update when I hear back which will probably take a very long time. Edit: So far they have apologized and have given me incentives to stay with them. They gave me an extra week of hosting for free and free infini install due to the issues I have experienced. I am glad the support team is working with me on this and is trying to make it up for their error on this issue. Will update as I work with them. Edit2: My experience has been superb! Big thanks to Rui Pedro (Senior Engineer GTXGaming.co.uk) and the other support staff. Everything has been rectified and they have been helping me set up my server non-stop. Rui Pedro went as far as to get my server running on the map I want! He took a lot of work off my hand and now I am able to concentrate on other important tasks. The service and help has been great! I will be updating again as I continue to receive support and work with them. Edit3: I can in good confidence say the initial hiccup was a one time issue. The support I have been given is incredible. One of their senior engineers Rui Pedrio has been helping me every step of the way. Providing me with files I need, resources for settings things up, to working along side me and helping me to get my server setup. Response time is top notch. I have even gotten instant responses. I will say I definitely recommend this company!