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  1. I solved this issue, its a very simple fix. i had to create a fixes folder in my mpmission and create a file called "ExileClient_object_player_initialize.sqf" ExileClient_object_player_initialize.sqf contents then i went to me config.cpp and added // Fix Ghost bug: ExileClient_object_player_initialize = "fixes\ExileClient_object_player_initialize.sqf"; to class CfgExileCustomCode this is not my own fix, this is a file created by the exile devs i beleive.
  2. Hey guys, im having this exact some issue except it occurs from server start, however i have my SQL-mode on non-strict, and my db is on the same computer.
  3. After spawning in I am roughly the height of if I were to spawn as a rabbit, but i am invincible. When i respawn, I get stuck on "Requesting character..." which then times out. I am running @infistar_servermod but no other mods (other then @Exile and @ExileServer of course) if I reconnect, even if I haven't restarted the server, I spawn back as the invicible thing, in the same spot I spawned, even if I moved before suiciding. This is the error i am receiving instantly after "Requesting Character..." fails. This is followed by Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1096 not found Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:1096 not found once I am auto kicked by the server from the character creation failure. RPT Log Any insight into the problem is greatly appreciated as i have no idea what the issue is by this point. Update: I have now evolved from prey to predator, and i am now an invic snake judging by the left to right head movement and lower camera. EDIT: My SQL-mode is not set to strict.