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  1. Ok thank you for your Time im loving the mission
  2. hmm never mind it only spawns loot in the vanilla buildings all have to add more loot postions
  3. one problem the loot postions arent working
  4. thank you your the best
  5. if anyone has it please tell me im having a problem i put in some buildings and no loot is spawning in those defined buildings //Lingor /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Buildings /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Land_Hangar_2 { table = "Military" positions[] = {{-9.43359,-9.93799,-2.56809},{-12.0405,-1.09424,-2.56809},{-9.19873,8.89258,-2.56809},{10.0747,9.74854,-2.56809},{12.1587,0.0688477,-2.56809},{9.32471,-8.72559,-2.56809},{-0.0820313,9.40723,-2.56809},{0.122559,-1.15869,-2.56809}}; }; class Land_A_Office01_EP1 { table = "Military" positions[] = {{-14.4595,5.64307,-1.82635},{-9.94629,-3.55615,-1.82693},{-0.203613,-5.9502,-4.15381},{-13.6958,0.418945,-4.15381},{11.3037,0.206543,-4.15381},{8.78564,0.122559,-1.65501},{1.3042,0.456543,-1.65501},{-4.94629,4.04395,-4.15381}}; }; class Land_Army_hut_int { table = "Military" positions[] = {{0.752441,1.80408,-1.13196},{0.732422,-0.265747,-1.13196},{0.771973,-2.23706,-1.13196},{0.772461,3.59851,-1.13196},{2.13232,-5.45593,-1.2506},{-0.387695,-5.85791,-1.18296}}; }; class Land_House_C_9_EP1 { table = "Military" positions[] = {{-0.91333,-4.22974,-3.71003},{1.32959,5.46777,-3.71003},{-1.04419,-5.87061,-0.136925},{-5.39404,-0.939331,-0.136925},{-4.45874,4.64697,-0.136925},{2.93384,5.70496,-0.136925},{-1.52246,-5.4552,2.62488},{-5.0957,-2.04639,2.62488},{-0.405273,2.38208,2.62489},{5.69751,0.975098,2.62488}}; }; class Land_ibr_terminal { table = "Military" positions[] = {{20.0557,-12.6411,-4.01866},{11.5029,-15.437,-4.01866},{5.50684,-13.4502,-4.01866},{-8.76855,-15.7148,-4.01866},{-23.3179,-9.16406,-5.45118},{-18.499,-1.90039,-4.01866},{-7.43701,-2.37939,-4.01866},{-7.55762,14.479,-4.01866},{-28.1436,16.9814,-4.01866},{-29.1353,0.836426,-4.01866},{-0.633301,15.3916,-4.01866},{9.22803,15.3862,-4.01866},{16.4321,17.6499,-4.0186},{-0.192383,9.49658,-4.01866},{18.8335,4.65137,-4.01866},{22.9214,1.04639,-4.01866},{27.9141,-6.22607,-4.01866},{24.6118,-9.94775,-4.01866},{-1.12842,-12.813,-4.01866},{-2.2666,-6.58545,-4.01866},{-2.23584,-1.94727,-4.01866},{2.63232,-1.69629,-4.01866},{9.20508,-4.36475,-4.01866},{10.3989,2.61768,-4.01866},{15.062,-0.800781,-4.01866},{15.7954,-8.36426,-4.01866},{-21.8975,-19.7427,-5.45118},{-26.3203,-0.0209961,-0.133492},{-2.62402,-12.6265,-0.893171},{19.0542,-12.4121,-0.893171},{27.0288,-6.4668,-0.893171},{29.4272,22.874,-0.893171},{22.3599,22.4858,-0.893171},{-5.15332,17.0508,-0.893171}}; }; class Land_House_C_1_v2_EP1 { table = "Military" positions[] = {{5.90015,-1.54224,-1.27021},{7.9292,1.61084,-1.27021},{-5.29968,-2.25757,-1.32824},{-4.80383,2.10962,-1.32824}}; }; class Land_Farm_Cowshed_a { table = "Military" positions[] = {{2.92261,-5.12366,-2.83606},{6.00391,-6.74109,-2.83606},{10.4556,-5.51086,-2.83606},{-1.28394,-6.74585,-2.83606},{-1.30566,0.0950928,-2.82561},{4.80444,-1.07593,-2.83606},{3.55518,0.829834,-2.83606},{9.70801,3.38037,-2.83606},{-10.4084,0.265259,-2.83606},{6.24536,6.86646,-2.83606}}; }; };
  6. The Download Link doesn't work
  7. Have you found one yet
  8. were did you downlaod your version of the map
  9. the first person that joins has to open it in the editor but after that its all good for some reason when you join the game you cannot close the error they need to fix this
  10. its a temp fix but i just needed to open the map in eden then join the game so everyone doesnt have the error stoping them if you want to talk more about it just join this ts
  11. Close this topic i fixed it
  12. bin/config.bin/CfgWorlds/namalsk/WaterExPars.fogColorLightInfluence noone can join the server because of this error can someone help please
  13. Hey physbo do you think you can help me with my loot tables i cant figure how to do them
  14. whoops sorry
  15. Hello i need a exile dev i cant figure this stuff out myself my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198127175674/