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  1. 1) deleteOldVehicles in your ini 2) Yeah just add another input for territory_id in claimVehicleOwnerShip and add an and to the statement which selects based on that.
  2. Thats the correct one, however, you need to wastedump something for us while the server is running and then upload the RPT. Also please use pastebin it makes it easier to read.
  3. If you're hosting your own box or w/e go to %localappdata%\Arma 3 and in there upload the latest one.
  4. Please post a full Server RPT. This way we can narrow down the issue.
  5. I was going to redo the edits so that they match what Exile normally does for options like this. Maybe I can at least convince them to integrate my ExtDb3 edits with a bool set in exile_server_config.pbo. But Baron is right, licensing issues is all that stops Exile from using just ExtDB3
  6. You should've tested it and you wouldn't have this issue (source: Discord). You have backups of your stuff I assume. I also assume you use Extdb2 so you won't have issues if you simply replace exile_server.pbo and start up the server with the new exile. Feel free to PM me your rpt's for both Client and Server.
  7. Made yesterday. It utilizes CfgExileDelayedActions for optimal performance (like exile does it). If the hack succeeds it picks a random vehicle and takes it out of the garage. I'm too lazy to give my fix claimVehicleOwnership but if you feel like it, you can fix it and submit a pull request/ do whatever. https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/tree/master/FlagHacking Anything named compile needs to be compiled with missionNamespace. Pretty much add stuff to your configs. (someone else can make an install guide). Credits: Exile
  8. Fam you're bad at scripting. I fixed all those bugs without the hacky methods mentioned in the forums. As for the Xm8 apps, they aren't made for just your convenience rather the entire community. It takes less than a third of a brain to fix all of it up. On my server, I managed to convert all the apps in under 3 hours. If you can't handle fixing the simple stuff, then there is no space for you to complain at all. Back to the topic, if you are having the VG bug just fix the query so that it checks territory id and nickname. This will fix whatever nickname bug that exists.
  9. I don't know if I could say "FPS" since I have noticed 0 drops/lag related to ExAD. Not using it while monitoring FPS was exactly the same for me. Though I suppose it is less of a concern to just have it in one package instead of 6-7.
  10. Indeed, not bad at all. The only hassle I forsee is replacing ExAd's stuff.
  11. Are you making sure updateVehicle is fired? Any RPT errors?
  12. +1 to this.
  13. Its not an extdb3 error. Fix lines 1615- 1639's errors.
  14. is your exile.ini working correctly?
  15. 0,4,8,12,16,20,24 Assuming you have 4 hour restarts