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  1. https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile/tree/master/NoDynamicSimEdits Enjoy
  2. I left dynamic simulation in there as I believe its better. But, ill add some files to the git without it utilizing default Exile simulation manager
  3. Pushed an update on https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile 9 files affected. No additional overrides required. Just download the 9 most recently updated files in that and you can run your server on 1.0.3 successfully. Out of the 9 files most of the edits were just spacing issues which i accidentally merged. Enjoy 1.0.3! Also make sure you replace your current exile_server.pbo and exile_server_config.pbo with the one exile team has provided
  4. Files are about to be released. Once they are ill compare them and push and extDb3 update. Keep watch over the thread!
  5. As promised I'm releasing something i made a couple of weeks back that I found more effective then the "dll required" restart timers. Now, I won't be giving you a restart timer but I will show you how the code can be applied. Oh, and this requires extDB3 but can be modified for extDB2 I suppose or you might be able to use the original that comes with ExiLe. Override "ExileServer_system_database_connect.sqf" and find ExileServerStartTime = (parseSimpleArray ("extDB3" callExtension "9:LOCAL_TIME")) select 1; then after this line add publicVariable "ExileServerStartTime"; Save the file. Now go to where your restart timer is configured. Add this somewhere before where it checks the hour-startHour or whatever. _aOn = [0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24]; // Military Time startHour = ExileServerStartTime select 3; startMinute = ExileServerStartTime select 4; startSecond = ExileServerStartTime select 5; correcto = []; { if(startHour < _x and startHour != 24) then { correcto pushBack _x; }; } forEach _aOn; Now the correct amount of hours can be determined by ((correcto select 0) - startHour) and wala! You have a fully working exact restart timer. SO how the hell do you actually use this? Heres an ExAD example config that utilizes this. Config times here: https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/ExAdClient/StatsBar/customize.sqf#L35 Replace the old function with this: https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/ExAdClient/StatsBar/Functions/fn_getTimerStr.sqf And heres someone elses statusbar utilizing this. https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/SomeStatusBar/fn_Statusbar.sqf#L10-L31 https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/SomeStatusBar/fn_Statusbar.sqf#L87
  6. 12:22:30 Call extension 'extDB2' could not be found im gonna go out on a nut and say that you did not do your edits/overides correctly.
  7. It might break with this update. But ill fix it within a couple of hours.
  8. I don't think you can do it efficiently without looping of some sort. And yes many threads may cause a performance decrease. In a case such as this you may be able to just go and use BEC for messages.
  9. Will you tell us your server specs along with your OS? I don't believe this should be occurring unless the speed is insanely slow. (Source: i have a 4gb vps and the latest it moves around base pieces is 1 minutes)
  10. Verify client and server signatures and verify that all server mods + client mods are updated. This could also mean a faulty drive.
  11. Even more efficient method MessageArray = [ "Message1", "Message2", "Message3", "Message4" //Just add more if needed.... ]; fn_send = { {systemChat _x;} forEach MessageArray; }; [180, fn_send, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; //^ 180 seconds.
  12. This error wont be caused by our edits, i would recommend undoing whatever changes you have done when the error started to occur. Then you can add those edits again, one by one while testing, and find which file exactly causes the error.
  13. ^ Do not do that please... Terrible programming. fn_send = { systemChat "Message1"; systemChat "Message2"; systemChat "Message3"; // add more messages as needed }; [180, fn_send, [], true] call ExileClient_system_thread_addtask; //^ 180 seconds. This, however, is a better alternative to that dudes code.
  14. What you could do is allow users to place them and when they do give them a "Save Turret" option via action menu. Then you send data of turret position (probably cursorObject because you obviously hit "Save Turret") to the server which saves it in a database of objects. On server load you setup the turrets and give them a position from the db. Now, you would also have to add some sql that checks the base and makes sure it is not abandoned or deleted so that you delete them properly, which is fairly easy since Exile already has its own example.