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  1. Those are just variable names. I left them to default exiles naming.
  2. Personally its indistinguishable, but i prefer dynamic simu.
  3. No Dynamic Simulation edits use default exile simulation.
  4. 14:19:54 Warning Message: Script AVS\hooks\AVS_CarefulCreateVehicle.sqf not found It might be AVS
  5. Use pastebin or smth next time. Verify your edits because something is wrong on your end.
  6. Full RPT log please. I think your server is looping though.
  7. I smell fish
  8. Im not getting the fill container messages and mines are also similar to the ones on the github (unless i missed something you shouldnt be getting those errors either) anyone else running the stock edits getting these errors?
  9. Disable strict mode in the database. run this query SET @@sql_mode = ''; SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode = '';
  10. Woops good catch! find [loadVehicle] in your ini and change the end from money FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? to money,territory_id FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? And add ,25 after the 24 on output.
  11. https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/ExAd/ExileServer/addons/exad_vg/Functions/fn_VGLoad.sqf Replace the current sqf file in exad_vg.pbo with that one i put there. Override this sqf (server) https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/ExAd/ExileServer_world_loadAllDatabaseVehicles.sqf Override this sqf too (server) https://github.com/Cloudhax23/Exile/blob/master/ExAd/ExileServer_object_vehicle_database_load.sqf Goto your ini now and change this money FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? to money,territory_id FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? And add ,25 after the 24 on OUTPUT. These edits are to fix the issue with vehicles spawning and being stored in the VG