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  1. is your exile.ini working correctly?
  2. 0,4,8,12,16,20,24 Assuming you have 4 hour restarts
  3. Did you fix the array of times in the main post?
  4. It should not work in extDB2 for sure unless you modified the way it collects the local time... This is more for your status bar. If your server restarts are static then you define the times and reference it in your script for status bar.
  5. You guys must have messed up. Make sure you have extdb3 and you follow it through exactly. I've been running this for a few months and have had no issues.
  6. Never noticed this was an actual issue lol. I messed with some collision stuff in other games like so ill take a look at it.
  7. It would be more efficient to check if the object is an air vehicle. Ground vehicles don't seem to have this issue.
  8. New Dynamic Simulation changes. This should fix the issue with nearly all objects being simulated... (Thanks @MGTDBfor reminding me to push this) I don't know if the trigger needs to be synced with clients as well so at the very top of your init.sqf add enableDynamicSimulationSystem true; "Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance 1600; "Vehicle" setDynamicSimulationDistance 1600; "EmptyVehicle" setDynamicSimulationDistance 150; "Prop" setDynamicSimulationDistance 50; "IsMoving" setDynamicSimulationDistanceCoef 2; I suggest configuring these settings to best fit your server. Theres a few performance changes I made long ago that I may release sooner or later Pushed a new file that stops exile's simulation loop. https://github.com/BrettNordin/Exile/tree/master/Exile Mission File
  9. tbb4 is what i was talking about.
  10. Pastebin next time please. Make sure you have the extdb3 dlls and its allocators placed correctly. It seems like arma cant find ExtDb3
  11. [markDeleteUnpaidTerritories] SQL1_1 = UPDATE territory SET deleted_at = NOW() WHERE last_paid_at < DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL ? DAY) AND deleted_at IS NULL SQL2_1 = UPDATE construction SET deleted_at = (select deleted_at from territory where territory.id=construction.territory_id and territory.deleted_at IS NOT NULL) SQL3_1 = UPDATE container SET deleted_at = (select deleted_at from territory where territory.id=container.territory_id and territory.deleted_at IS NOT NULL) SQL1_INPUTS = 1 You might want to run debug version of Extdb3 and check if you have any foreign key errors. I know I used to have them on my Linux server.
  12. Nope
  13. You can do all this by yourself and save money.
  14. Hey I had the same issue and couldn't figure it out so the next best thing is to animate it yourself. In config.cpp find constructions and add these two classes. class OpenDrawBridge : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Open"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject animationPhase 'Top_Panel') == 2) && (typeOf ExileClientInteractionObject) in ['Exile_Construction_WoodDrawBridge_Static','Exile_Construction_WoodDrawBridge_Reinforced_Static']"; action = "(_this select 0) animate ['Bottom_Panel', 1]; (_this select 0) animate ['Top_Panel', 0];"; }; class CloseDrawBridge : ExileAbstractAction { title = "Close"; condition = "((ExileClientInteractionObject animationPhase 'Top_Panel') == 0) && (typeOf ExileClientInteractionObject) in ['Exile_Construction_WoodDrawBridge_Static','Exile_Construction_WoodDrawBridge_Reinforced_Static']"; action = "(_this select 0) animate ['Top_Panel', 2]; (_this select 0) animate ['Bottom_Panel', 2];"; };
  15. FPS has always been an issue with arma and I've benchmarked both edits and have not seen significant FPS differences between the two. Anyways I wont reveal anything but I would highly suggest you start monitoring things and maybe you will find the FPS issues with exile and arma. I've managed to bring client FPS + server FPS up by a lot