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  1. Sorry, I don't speak German too well but I can understand your issue. Goto description.ext and change showHud[] to showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) true, // Vehicle + soldier info true, // Vehicle radar true, // Vehicle compass true, // Tank direction indicator false, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar true, // HUD Weapon Cursors true // Vehicle Panel }; If this does not work then update to performance build here https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-176-performance-binary-feedback/?page=89#comment-3231623
  2. Have you tried verifying arma? Also, this does not seem like the error. My server works fine.
  3. Those are just variable names. I left them to default exiles naming.
  4. Personally its indistinguishable, but i prefer dynamic simu.
  5. No Dynamic Simulation edits use default exile simulation.
  6. 14:19:54 Warning Message: Script AVS\hooks\AVS_CarefulCreateVehicle.sqf not found It might be AVS
  7. Use pastebin or smth next time. Verify your edits because something is wrong on your end.
  8. Full RPT log please. I think your server is looping though.
  9. I smell fish
  10. Im not getting the fill container messages and mines are also similar to the ones on the github (unless i missed something you shouldnt be getting those errors either) anyone else running the stock edits getting these errors?
  11. Disable strict mode in the database. run this query SET @@sql_mode = ''; SET @@GLOBAL.sql_mode = '';
  12. Woops good catch! find [loadVehicle] in your ini and change the end from money FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? to money,territory_id FROM vehicle WHERE id = ? And add ,25 after the 24 on output.