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  1. I want to loop some messages, but I'd like them to show up as "systemchat". I don't see any way to configure this in the config. Are there a good way to do it or do I need a 3rd party script? ENABLE_NOTIFICATION_MESSAGES = "true"; NOTIFY_MSG_ARRAY[] = { // {-1, -1, 6, 0.6, 0, 0, "#ff0000", "OrbitronLight", "Welcome to our server"}, // {-1, -1, 4, 0.6, 0, 0, "#1900FF", "OrbitronLight", "Enjoy!"}, // {-1, 45, 5, 0.6, "safeZoneX", "0.5", "#048B5B", "OrbitronLight", "Protected and administrated by<br/>infiSTAR.de AdminTools, AntiHack and more!"}, // {15, 15, 8, 0.6, 0, 0, "#E600E6", "OrbitronLight", "15 minutes have passed, drink some water!<br/>(IN REAL LIFE NOT INGAME)"} };
  2. On my server, whenever I try to join, I can see the server requires APEX DLC. I'm running Winter Chernarus so I have no use for Apex maps/vehicles etc. What changes do I need to make to avoid the server requiring APEX?
  3. So it will be in the next update or?
  4. Alright I got the client .rpt. I don't know if there's any info in there that we don't want to share with the public, so I've sent it via email to infistar23@gmail.com.
  5. Yeah, afaik he's the only player that have this happening. Will do.
  6. We have an admin that keeps getting kicked by infiSTAR shortly after joining in. It generates this log message in the RPT when it happens: 1:49:20 "<infiSTAR.de>CONNECTLOG| #2 Disconnected: (playername removed)(uid removed) Owner: 7, SteamName: (steamname removed) [21-Feb-2017 08-51-44 - v0073]" 1:49:20 Client: Remote object 7:1 not found 1:49:21 "<infiSTAR.de>SURVEILLANCELOG| (playername removed)(uid removed) | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 0.800049s this one took 60.8s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 0h 41min 23s [21-Feb-2017 08-51-44 - v0073]" I found some threads on this forum where people reports similar issues and it's always suggested that the player is cheating/hacking. In this case we're as sure as can be that the guy isn't hacking. It's one of our long time admins and we've done everything we can think of to help him fix the issue - including completely reinstalling ARMA+DLCs and mods, but to no avail. I do suspect this is a player-side issue, but we don't know what else to try. Can anyone point us in a direction of what he need to look for? Or what he can try next? Are there any way to whitelist this one player to avoid him being kicked while we figure out what's going on?
  7. I have used ExAd, but removed some functions at around the same time as I updated the antihack, so that's most likely it. Great input! Thanks
  8. After updating to latest infiSTAR version (73), a parachute no longer spawns on a admin player when using the "flying"/teleport up option in admin menu. It used to work in v72. I don't see anything in the logs that reveals if this is a error or working as intended. Anyone else has this issue?
  9. But wouldn't I then have to remove the same event handlers for entering and leaving safezones to avoid it removing the eventhandler when exiting safe zones?
  10. I run a PVE server and would like to have nametags showing on players so everyone knows who not to shoot at. I've been searching through the forums with no luck. Any suggestions on how to do this?