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  1. that was a Infistar one with your line added after //this is my line 2. thats the only thing i have for EBM
  2. i've posted the setpos.txt
  3. the filter is already in there. my setpos.txt:
  4. so i got Stokes' script but still ebm is not working. he told me that its caused by the server not being able to set ownership of the new object
  5. hi, i installed EBM but i have this problem with all the buildings
  6. it crashes all the time on me
  7. Hi, i installed the latest @infiSTAR v87 but my server is locked now and cant be unlocked. saw this in my rtp
  8. I tried it with alot of ebm buildings and they all do the same as seen in the video. Can you link me the script from StokesMagee.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Z6FxVufiE&feature=youtu.be made a video about it (also pressed Page up & down but didnt go up or down)
  10. have the same but still not working
  11. expoch
  12. Hi, Vector building isnt working with EBM do you guys have a fix for that? EBM snaps to the ground instantly cant move it freely
  13. hi i changed ExileClient_gui_inventory_updatePopTabControls.sqf that a safe can hold 3m it shows that it can hold it but max amount still is 30k. any help? Code:
  14. Found the problem. It was in the exile_server.pbo
  15. I disabled DMS and all the other addons that rely on DMS but it still freezes