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  1. im doing this in a trigger condition: this && vehicle player in thisList On Activation [["2"], "deadzone.sqf"] call BIS_fnc_execVM on Deactivation [["1"], "deadzone.sqf"] call BIS_fnc_execVM deadzone.sqf but its not working, im getting error undefined variable in expression: _nr
  2. Oke i've made the messages and the timer but now how do i do triggers?
  3. ...... i've read the post a couple times but i dont get it please help me. i already made the markers but only need to detect if the a player goes in to the unfinished part he will get that message and get killed after 15 sec
  4. yh but how do you do it?
  5. I wanna display a message on entering a specific part on the map with a marker
  6. Isnt there a way to just change the map on "m" key so its not that big Only the small area?
  7. Can you link me the right fix cuz i cant find it
  8. Bump
  9. Hi is there a way to make a map smaller without changing it so people have to download it and stuff, i just wanna use the map but make the zone i dont wanna use a restricted zone that players cannot enter or see on the map? i just wanna have this part and not like this i wanna remove the whole nomanslands zone
  10. is there a fix for?
  11. Error in expression <,3]],[],0,69360,0,16,"","",37,0,80063]]]> Error position: <> Error Missing ] Error in expression <,3]],[],0,69360,0,16,"","",37,0,80063]]]> Error position: <> Error Missing ] Error in expression <10; _player = (createGroup independent) createUnit ["Exile_Unit_Player", _positi> Error position: <createUnit ["Exile_Unit_Player", _positi> Error Type Any, expected Number File exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_player_database_load.sqf, line 20 title says it all, server was working fine until restart cba is checked
  12. Ill try it thanks for the help
  13. Hi, The safezone clean up works beautiful but i thought that there maybe was a way to make guard shoot the zombies aswell
  14. i want more immersive so thats why
  15. is there a way to protect the safezone with guards who shoot zombies