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  1. inside the exilez.pbo?? this is my trigger
  2. the Z mission isnt spawning for me
  3. sorry
  4. i Like @infiSTAR's xm8apps but i cant afford them
  5. can you link me the exad cctv app
  6. Hi im looking for the app calles Remote CCTV, i joined a server and i saw that they had it but i cant find it on the internet probably not the right forum to post it
  7. yes but there is no thing for exad
  8. what i meant i already have them spawning, but i found the problem true, // Vehicle + soldier info was on false
  9. i miss this app
  10. no one?
  11. i dont need it to spawn, it doesnt show the range
  12. Ill try to add this and see if it worked
  13. I have the same problem
  14. i manage to solve everything thanks for your help
  15. SOLVED