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  1. Kk well if you need to test things out. Pm me and I can give u a shot of my server
  2. I would have the mission running on my server as long as it had ways of making money I have not tried this yet no time I have to wait 3 days
  3. Hello I am contacting you about the racetrack mission I have my server down at the moment I will have it running in 3 days I could give u access to use it as a test server for 3 days my server is ran by gamingdeluxe
  4. Could this be added to a Pvp server and made a safe zone so when u entered it your weapons disappeared until exit
  5. I'm looking for a little info on a slight problem I'm having, so I'm still working on isla Abramia trying to add mods to my server like RHS, CUP, and many more how do I fix this I'm needing to get them all working so I can import my custom villages and that in to it
  6. How do I add rhs, cup and more mods to my loot table has any one got a guide for this because the guides are not clear enough
  7. I cannot put it on GitHub it's blocking my connection to their server
  8. [UKSG] GamingLifeZ (PVP) Modern

    come join most of all have fun, let me know what yous think More to be added soon
  9. thanks so much for the help  

  10. thanks to (tinboye ) who shared information about creating mpmissions i am able to share Exile.IslaAbramia message me is you would like the file put on github
  11. thanks buddy as soon as i posted it it still not working i changed 1 thing and got it running perfect
  12. ive read this thing backwards forwards and i cant seem to make this map work it says there is a bunch of errors loading in mission.sqm
  13. ok so i have been trying to get isla abramia working on my dedicated server run by www.gamingdeluxe.com i have followed the guide but it sill is not working it keeps booting me can someone please have a look at this for me thanks
  14. Is that not cre4mpies status bar https://github.com/CRE4MPIE/StatusBar
  15. Got it sorted