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  1. ok i have players that are spawning in the ground as rabbits and i have to delete their player out of the database so they can play, is there anyway to fix this?
  2. it really levels out the server, and the players that have alot of money cant rule the server. you shoot down their attack heli, they have to have a gas mask to buy another one, cant just go buy one right after the other.
  3. we have all the tanks and jets and helis but they are all in a black market in a rad zone, so you have to have a gas mask to go to the black market to buy tanks and attack helis. but gas masks can only be found in rare mission loot.
  4. it says with the update that nothing has changed
  5. my EMB is up to 3.0 the mo has updated to 3.0.1 but the update didn't seem to contain anything special, i can update and see what happens
  6. Can anyone tell me if it is suppose to be this way? tanks and rocket and explosives can destroy the Exile building materials but they come back after restart.
  7. well from the reading the EBM update on armaholics, the EBM pieces are suppose to be this way. but that does not explain the Exile materials.
  8. yes it is the regular exile from the A3L, no special version.
  9. Ok we have recently discovered that all the EBM materials and Exile construction materials can be destroyed will satchel charges and AT rockets. From our experience the EBM materials and buildings have always been indestructible but can now be destroyed. And the Exile materials such as concrete walls and floors can now be destroyed with satchel charges and rockets, tanks and apc's. In the past you always had to use the designated charges "BigMommas" to destroy concrete walls and doors. Is this the new Exile? or is something funky going on in my server? please let me know. Thank you!
  10. I need some help figuring out how to add in a line for knives to be able to be used to pick safes and containers. i hope this topic hasnt been posted, but i would greatly appreciate the help.
  11. i added it, it worked! thank you very much!
  12. have you had a chance to look it all over?
  13. my host is blue fang solutions. https://pastebin.com/sLrZ45bp
  14. Ok i have a very strange situation happening. my server is on a 4 hour restart schedule. 2,6,10 est. when i get home from work i will be on from 4pm to 10 pm. then i have to go to bed to go to work. but for the past few nights my server has gone retarded after the 2am restart. and players cant connect for up to 2 or 3 restarts, but when i get home i connect just fine and then everyone else can connect just fine. we thought it was just a hicup during one restart but it has done it every night for the past few nights. during the same restart. my server host is blue fang solutions, the server is not based on my computer. this makes no since to me at all. if there is any one that could shine some light on this it would be great. thank you