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  1. @rb19810507 iam working on this momently i will show it you after i finish to install my new version of this bram script
  2. Hello dudes, i had a short question. I didnt find a value to chance the respect players get if they sell a vehicle. I mean someone sell one offroad (normal) he get 6400 pop tabs and 640 respect. And I want to chance 640 to maybe 320. How can i reach this? Dear
  3. Dear Community, first, excuse me for my bad english iam from german ^^ Okay my Question/Problem I write a level script for anti-boost and some other features. Now i am stuck. The reason is that i can not load my new entrys from Database to game and and the other way to update the states. I try many things but nothing works. To update the stats and get the stats i used line like that: (can not check if updating works because it does not loading from database) There 2 extracts of 2 files i also trying to update the exile.ini but after all my trys it do not work. I have try it with MySQL help like https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/create-view.html and some other documents, woth new table but nothing will work. (maybe i do something wrong but i dont know) Thank you for everything Greets David1197
  4. Thanks
  5. Hello Dudes, iam in progress for a new script addon for exile Servers (would be nice because it is a new system of leveling and anti-boost protection with some features and some more) But iam stuck now ^^ Because i need something to ask database when players connect and disconnect. I need this for a request for example: if (playerisconnectet) then ...... and also i need: while (playerisdisconnect) do .... i can´t find the data for playerisconnectet and playerisdisconnect please help me sorry for my bad english iam from germany Greets
  6. Hey guys nice work But trotzdem ein Problem yesyesjo wilderness war ja schon auf euerem ts aber hab bisher niemanden angetroffen /: und zwar hab ich nen problem Das ganze läuft bei mir und funktioniert soweit ich gesehen habe auch aber seit dem ich das draufgespielt habe geht DMS missions nicht mehr ... for everyone else, after my installation my dms mission system cannot work these files. i try everything, also try to load dms other, dont work. have you ideas? hab gesehen ihr habt das auch auf euern servern vielleicht könnt ihr mir ja weiterhelfen ob irgendeine eurer moddateien da was blockt. Hab schon versucht dms anders zu laden hat aber alles nichts gebracht -.- Greets
  7. Hello Dudes, i need a lot of help for my server. I read more then 3 Threads here for Battleeye filters and fix the problems and so on. But its never work, sometimes a part work and later no more .. I would ask you for help me with my log datas. First i had following problems: Thank you Greets