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  1. Hey, you still attached wrong file. You speak about ExileServer_util_getFragKiller.sqf but attached ExileServer_util_getFragType.sqf Thanks!
  2. Create them using one of the existing ones as example.
  3. Can you please attach these 2 files?
  4. Having same issue with NPC kills during road kill or shooting from vehicles. Not using any fancy kill system.
  5. No, i tried them all(but maybe i'm doing something wrong?). And this problem is not since 1.70, i had it way earlier.
  6. My solution for that " imple without class " shit is to make that row to 1 so it will just log, not kick. That's what i found out while trying to solve that issue.
  7. I don't think that 1.03 is going to break traders, will it?
  8. Wondering if there is a way to disable base construction while raiders plant charges?
  9. Yeah so a safe of a player was gone and then it spawned back after the restart.
  10. Hey, so my players are complaining about safes despawning from territories in very rare occasions. I have a server with 20-60 people online and many bases and got only 4 reports about that in last month. Running latest x64 version. Tried to find something in database and they arent there at all. Its not like they got deleted with date in deleted_at column. Simply nothing. For few players 5 safes went lost at the same time, for another player it was just 1 safe. Rest of the safes stayed. Any ideas?
  11. Hey, many times when player loots his own body(and some other cases as well probably) infistar will despawn his ghillie/vest/backpack. How can i stop this from happening? Happens with stopSafeGlitchAndCorpseDupe on and off. Thank you.
  12. I pasted my 1.0.2 LootTable.h and LootItemGroups.h into new compiler and seems like it made nice new tables. But it complained about too much things in them(didn't really test it in RC mod). I have there normal things and CUP. Is that ok?
  13. @Bob_the_K Hey, i had the same issue trying to spawn AI on a little floating dock in Chernarus, might be problem with water objects.