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  1. There was a tiny arma update few days ago. I updated and this issue was fixed for me. Try.
  2. Want to join into my community with your thing? I have big cherno player base, 28000 players. They might be interested trying out something new. EU or US? Adding r3f and base paint is easy. But don't feel like spending hours daily doing custom coding.
  3. I might want to get involved. What are you looking for?
  4. infistar

    Instructions have instructions in them, which are easy if you follow them.
  5. You have duplicate if (!ExilePlayerInSafezone) exitWith {false}; in thread file @MGTDB
  6. Umm so which solution is better? From MGTDB or from StokesMagee?
  7. I misread the "However, I just cant seem get them to spawn onto the ground" part, sorry
  8. For it to spawn you have to add them to loot tables. And for them to show in traders you have to add them to traders.
  9. They will all cry "admin my car is gone". Both solutions are not going to help you to reduce amount of spam at your inbox.
  10. Tell them that safezone is not a garage and let them deal with it
  11. Ага, совсем умер.
  12. Just unlock them on restart and players will do the rest
  13. They linked you to easytrader. That's what you need. And later you need to add all the missing items. Easy.