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  1. Owning 3 scripts from Stokes. Recommended.
  2. maybe {diag_log str _x} forEach diag_activeSQFScripts;
  3. maybe {diag_log str _x} forEach diag_activeSQFScripts; will output them into rpt
  4. That was always like that.
  5. Списка нет, фичи необходимые для администрации и защиты эксайла
  6. Да, в инфи эксайла встроенны куча фич для эксайла. Инфистар А3 вообще не факт что заработает на эксайле.
  7. Latest infistar exile beta version has a fix for it.
  8. Fixed. Kneeling. Thanks!
  9. Basically it's not reading current respect for some reason. Previous Respect: '0' 27.03.2018 20:04:57: CRATE SOLD AT WASTEDUMP: 'xxx' (xxxxxxxxx) Sold for '3171.6' Pop Tabs and '253.728' Respect. Previous Money: '53924', Previous Respect: '0'. New Money: '57096' New Respect: '254'. Crate Contents: [["Exile_Item_Codelock","Exile
  10. Same issue with respect. Changing 0.8 to 1 doesn't help. Did anyone find a solution?
  11. I helped to chainsaw to install it and he's good now
  12. I have the same issue with BE and not only on Exile. Some players get kicked once and then can't connect until server restart. Verifying everything, rebooting, doesn't help.
  13. I am using these values that Dave from MGT was kind enough to give me. They fixed desync. //from DB(Dave) MaxMsgSend=512; MaxSizeGuaranteed=768; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; MinErrorToSend=0.006; MinErrorToSendNear=0.05; MaxCustomFileSize=0; //end from DB(Dave)
  14. It gives a bit of a loophole for players to store stolen vehicles from a known person and discover their base/safe/credit card pins.
  15. For some players some vehicles won't fetch from VG. It says "Vehicle does not belong to this territory". Other vehicles work fine. Problematic ones have territory_id, have nick, everything look similar to ones that work. But they won't fetch. x64, no database errors. Relog and server restart didn't fix that. https://pastebin.com/VJGhhdDT