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  1. I'm trying to white list it, but its not working and they are still getting kicked. Any idea? Thanks!
  2. @Spankin Or simply accept the faith of being mortal again.
  3. Confirming. Can be shot by players or die from car crash. Vehicles are indestructible though.
  4. Hey guys, i see people getting kicked very often with PublicVariable Restriction #0 "BIS_fnc_preload_server" = {true} Who knows what is that and if i should allow it and how to do that?
  5. Just merge these files then, i did it for my server and its time consuming but is not too hard.
  6. Ok i'm very sorry for that post, i thought its much easier and faster to retype 5 letters in the .ini and click the bat file instead of bothering 5 people and waiting for hours. I was wrong.
  7. Can you not just try it quickly instead of asking all these questions?
  8. Do you have updated mods?
  9. Lol.
  10. Getting same error as mr. 110.
  11. Pretty sure you just need to add it to overrides.
  12. Probably they don't have mods activated?
  13. It's still working when you just do it while being at normal trader. Any solutions?
  14. Same here.