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  1. Yes i have the same issue and on Stokes forum another admin reported the same issue. So you are not alone.
  2. Im getting this in last 2-3 days. It starts spamming RPT, server freezes completely. Even after closing server window i have to go to task manager and kill armaserver_64 manually. Had it happening 3 times already, first time in 8 months of running that server. NetServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1402123561): DESTROY immediately after CREATE, both cancelled BEServer::finishDestroyPlayer(1402123561): users.get failed https://pastebin.com/7vA01b7W Now its right after XM8 mesage sent but on the other times it was just random.
  3. Yes.
  4. @sir_aawacs hey, currently bohemia broke ability to run multiple servers on the same pc. They will all use port 2306 for BE and so it won't work. As i've heard fix will be in few days.
  5. You aren't godmoded when you are a bambi.
  6. PM me, i can try.
  7. Also EXPERIMENTAL_DUPE_CHECK has records about bergens. But also ghillies guns and vests suffer from that issue. Nothing in logs really.
  8. @Bones51 Players complain about that a lot, but better this than vg reload abuse. Though without HE ammo many vehicles are useless p.s. maybe you can look how wasteland is reloading their cars? Don't think that problem exists there. https://github.com/A3Wasteland/ArmA3_Wasteland.Stratis/blob/0c690ecf8642dfbb77cab60d3d2b281a02c77afb/client/functions/fn_resupplyTruck.sqf
  9. Hey, so yes there is a problem with HE ammo. For example if player buys CUP_B_M1128_MGS_Woodland it gets no HE. If i buy it with infistar unlimammo thing on i do get HE.
  10. Добавь ошибку в исключения BattlEye и не будет кикать.
  11. It won't work with extdb3. See my post and post of Bones51 to understand how to edit your .ini files for extdb3 compatibility.
  12. Github version of exile.ini is made for extdb2. If you read few posts back you will see what has to be done to run it with extdb3. It's in your logs also.
  13. That's the exact problem.
  14. @ZZK-Gaming remove "Number of Inputs" things from your .ini file.
  15. PM me your paypal email. You saved so much headache for me.