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  1. Just stop using these scam "gaming providers" and get a real server.
  2. Guys, why does my logo work fine when i join from a3 launcher but throws "not found" error when i join from arma launcher?
  3. Did you change it in both pieces of code? Does menu item "Harvest the Weed" come up?
  4. @AlienfromouterSpace Find out model name from that mod and change it in script.
  5. Many of us have full CUP running, must be some other reason for your issue. I have this in mission.sqm addOns[]= { "exile_client", "cba_main", "cup_chernarus_config", "CUP_Creatures_People_Core", "CUP_Vehicles_CfgGroups", "CUP_BaseConfigs", "A3_Ui_F", //"DATA_HOUSES_DS", "DShouses", "TRYK_Uniform", "a3_characters_f" }; addOnsAuto[]= { "exile_client", "cup_chernarus_config" }; Ignore the TRYK_Uniform and DShouses.
  6. I think you need separate database for each map then. And i think you will have shared objects and vehicles as well.
  7. @Bob_the_K there is no magic involved. They act more or less the same. And ok, they can steal cars.
  8. Still happening in chernarus quite often, about few players a day.
  9. Any luck? Can send you some beer money as a little appreciation of your work.
  10. @nrz did you get their permissions for extended logs?
  11. Hey, so i just installed script version, added remote exec commands and everything and got it working. I see debug messages, paths, suppression and all that to ensure that script is on. Added smokes to their inventory in DMS but they aren't throwing grenades. Also spawned few armed vehicles and they aren't stealing them(upd: they do use cars:) Any ideas how to make smoke grenades to work? Also i noticed that my script version isn't reading the userconfig folder, but its using VCOMAI\functions\VCOMAI_DefaultSettings.sqf That might help to someone. Changing stuff in that file does change stuff in-game so its reading this config for sure.
  12. Not sure about money, i have it disabled on my server because its a garage and not a storage. Crates it doesn't store for sure.
  13. Sweet! Will that work on x64 as well?
  14. p.s. regarding damage and fuel try to use code from https://github.com/Mezo/Virtual-Garage Last time i checked it was able to store/retrieve damage just fine.
  15. No rush Thanks a lot! It's a very important feature.