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  1. I understood that there is a fix posted in 1.68 bugs megathread. But its too much fixes there and i'm waiting for somebody to point me to the one. Here is my thread:
  2. So on server restart or on virtual garage fetching vehicles spawn in random player bases on safes or containers and then they explode. Or they fly to bottom left corner of chernarus and get stuck in the water or high in the sky. Some players have it happening on every restart in same place. I saw someone posted about some hotfix for it for 1.68 x64 but i can't find it. Can somebody point me please? Thank you.
  3. Dedicated x64 1.68, logs uploaded to https://ufile.io/yogw4 I am aware of fixes in the 1.68 megabug thread but not sure which one i need and a bit afraid to blindly apply them all. Basically vehicles spawned or maybe withdrawn from virtual garage as well just appear on crates/safes in random bases. In last 24 hours it was at least a black golf and armed SUV. p.s. seems like many times withdrawing vehicle from VG spawns it somewhere very random. But not all the times.
  4. Having the same issue. Not running any extra-ordinary mods.
  5. @doc0955 for me its the same. Random player vehicles spawn on safes and crates and then explode. Any solutions?
  6. I think for me its happening as well.
  7. Ok i found solution to my problem. In fn_SpawnAISoldier.sqf file have to remove the whole USE_EXTRA_CHECKING block.
  8. Guys, attachments don't spawn on AI weapons. Is it just me? 1.68, latest dms. Complete vanilla dms setup. Though on ZCP they do spawn with scopes and stuff.
  9. I see, thanks!
  10. And so how to use the app in 64 bits environment then?
  11. Hey, so i'm trying to setup the mobile thingie and in logs i get Call extension 'XM8' could not be found. Then i copied and renamed the dll into xm8_x64.dll and then in logs i get Trying to load a x86 DLL 'C:\Arma\server\@exileserver\XM8_x64.dll' from a 64-bit executable Call extension 'XM8' could not be loaded Please advice. The rest is fully working, server is up with 30 players.
  12. It's a public server. Today a clan was playing and only one of their guys was getting kicked. He said that it was totally fine on other servers with same set of mods. I can't disable file validation and am very sad because beloved players are getting kicked.
  13. That was done, was still getting kicked randomly here and there. Set onDifferentData = ""; but not sure how dangerous it is.
  14. Hey, so me(admin) and some of my players are getting kicked occasionally for wrong signature. These can be standard arma files or mod files. Just happens. Not too long ago i migrated to another server and redownloaded everything, so i highly doubt its a true file corruption. Also validated all my local game/mod files and so on. Config is under spoiler. Saw that more people have this issue on the forum, but no solution. Any ideas? p.s. Happens with both verifySignatures = 1 or 2.
  15. Check rpt. I had the same and it was battleye as i remember.